Thursday, October 18, 2012

WC Painting and CQJP 2012 - August (Peridot) Block submitted in October

This month's block includes one of my oil paintings from a few years back along with the watercolor.  This is a painting of two of our horses, Taffy and Star.

This watercolor painting is of the house I grew up in.  We had peony bushes and tiger lilies and a huge lilac bush that were planted by my grandmother.

  Look carefully and you will see the use of these paintings in the block below which I have submitted in October.  It will be used for August having the birthstone color of Peridot.  It is the companion block to the one I submitted last month.  This green is not a favorite of mine and my first thoughts were that I had nothing in this color family to use on my block.  You know how we tend to buy things - even supplies - in colors we love, and avoid colors we aren't quite as enthusiastic about?  I was surprised when I found a few items I had in the Peridot color!


Below is my block before adding the top layer elements.  Although there is an issue getting the colors photographed accurately, adding this green really changed the look of this block due to the way the colors played off each other.  Interesting I thought.  The lace is from a neck piece I had purchased at a craft show years ago.  I didn't wear it any longer so I removed the old ribbons, buttons and beads and decided to put it to new use on my block.

I was really pleased with the lace on this block once the silk ribbon flowers, sheer ribbon, beads and embroidery were added.  I especially liked the shades of pink, lavender and blue contained in the variegated pearl cotton thread.

Just above the image of the house (photo directly below) you can see our registered livestock brand which was the "Rocking V".  It was created using chain stitching.  I have the actual "Rocking V" branding iron my dad made as well.

I had this enamel butterfly pin in with some of my old jewelry.

I had some silk ribbon that would work for this block and found these acrylic flowers at Hobby Lobby.

That's my cousin and I on our horse Queen.  I have so many wonderful memories of riding the horse when I got home from school and in parades in our small town.  Such a carefree time in life.  I wouldn't trade my childhood for anything.  Growing up on a farm I had so many pets.  Besides the horses, I had lots of kittens every year, pet chicken, dogs, and my all time favorite, a pet lamb (shh, she thought she was a dog).  I even brought some baby skunks into the house once and tried to talk mom and dad into letting me keep them ~ lol.  I think you can guess how they responded.

We all have our own special childhood memories.  I think my kids have happy memories even though they were city kids.  They did get to spend a lot of time at the farm visiting their grandparents and I know those memories are good.  I hope you have good childhood memories as well.


margaret said...

such an interesting block you have written, the childhood you had sounds idyllic.
The lace on the block is beautiful as is the rest of your block and the green looks just great, mind you green is my favourite colour.

Cy said...

This is a truly magnificent block Connie.
I really do love the colour of this block, and I would not call myself a fan of greens usually, but I think this is my favourite of all your blocks so far.
The horses painting is fabulous too. You are very talented in many things.

Suzy said...

Hello Connie, I'm stopping by from Sew Many Ways, Friend Friday link up to see you amazing work of art! Stunning! Love the green/Peridot but then I am an August baby so that might be why. LOL! I'm also your newest follower and I'd love it if you would stop over and follow me!

Marjolein said...

This is a beautiful block!
The lovely piece of lace, the sheer green ribbon, draped naturally and the flower spray that integrates with the lace. Perfect!

Doni said...

The many different artforms you excell in make me jealous!! That house is so lovely with the border around it, and that you have used pictures on your gorgeous crazy-quilted squares to make that awesome quilt! All of your Keys to the Past blocks are spectacular!!
Thanks so much for sharing with us for my link party!

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous painting Connie and to own those horses too. Nothing like having the models up close and personal.

Thank you for your recent comments on being a new Grandma. I can't wait to hold him.
Hugs Lynn

Cathy K said...

Your horse painting is magnificent and the watercolor of your old house is charming. You are so talented! And they give such wonderful meaning to the block. Green was the perfect color to add (I'm a green fan!!).

I grew up in the Southern California suburbs, but we were surrounded with orange groves and several horse-riding stables. And ice skating rinks, a creek where we used to catch tadpoles, and the beaches were less than an hour away. A perfect place to grow up!

Hugs, Cathy