Friday, October 12, 2012

TAST - Knotted Loop Stitch - Week 41 and Blog Scraping

Can you believe that!  It has been 41 weeks already and you have endured 41 weeks of me learning new stitches.  Thank you all who have stayed with me!  It really does mean a great deal to me when you share your insight, excitement, interest and wonderful comments.

I must have had too much coffee this morning because I created a scene rather than a plain, lonely tree.  I like to limit my stitches to the straight stitch or stem stitch and the stitch featured for the week, so it is not always the easiest thing to do much with it, or maybe to be inspired to do much.  Once I got the hang of this stitch I really enjoyed it and couldn't seem to stop.

Here is a closeup of my palm tree.

I started off playing with the stitch as shown at the top of the tag.  My stitches were all slanted rather than straight, but as I worked through things I finally figured out what I had been doing wrong.

I hope you enjoyed a day at the beach ;-)  Be sure to click on the link on my sidebar to visit Sharon at Pintangle.  She has an amazing blog and has a link giving instruction for each week's TAST stitch.


I have just been reading a couple of blog posts from Karen at SewManyWays.  She has had her blog scraped and has shared how to truncate your posts so the entire post won't be copied.  Apparently these low lifes duplicate your blog/posts and advertise on their sidebar.  They do no work-you do!-and collect money from the advertising.

If you want to read her post about blog scraping, go HERE.
To see her post on how to truncate, go HERE.

Like her, I will truncate my posts and hope that you continue to follow my blog and read my posts.


margaret said...

another great tree Connie, I was very tempted to do a tree but have been slow on this stitch.Werish I was sitting under your tree in the sunshine and listening to the sea lapping on the shore line
Not sure what this blog scraping is all about but will pop over and have a read

Cy said...

You have excelled in creativity once again Connie.
I so love coming here to see your new trees.
41 weeks already, wow, doesn't time fly when you're having fun.

Lilian Barker said...

Great minds think alike! I also stitched a palm tree for TAST, but mine was a solitary tree. I like that you've created a whole scene using the stitch for the other elements too.

scarlett clay said...

I really like this tag and the scene you made with the stitch. I can't believe that blog scraping stuff, I've never heard of that, I would be SO mad, too. I don't have a ton of followers so I don't think I'm in danger but the fact that it happened to Karen is so sad. Hope the truncating does the trick and deters anyone from stealing her content! It's not right!

Marjolein said...

Pretty landscape with just one stitch!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Week 41 - already? Wow, this year has gone by fast!! Another great tree too. I have saved Karen's article on truncating and will be looking into it further. Such a shame that there are so many dishonest creeps in this world!!

Debbie said...

Such a creative use of this stitch, Connie! I love your idea of making each stitch sample into a tab. Very cute.

Debbie said...

Oops, meant to write "tag"!