Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Block 46 Updated and a Before and After

First my 'before and after' transformation.  I had purchased these stocking holders for the mantle at an after Christmas sale.  I am not one that favors shiny brass but thought I could deal with it during the holidays.  I then needed a new kitchen light fixture and found one with a shape I sort of liked that cost me all of $5.00.  Unfortunately it was shiny brass too so I was on a quest for a way to transform it.  I tried sanding it but couldn't manage to breach the finish.  With nothing really to lose, I bought a can of Rust-oleum Universal Formula Metallic Paint & Primer in One.  I experimented on the stocking holder first and was pretty pleased with the results.  This color is Flat Chestnut but as you can see has a slight sheen.  I used it on the light fixture with good results.  As soon as I get it wired I will share photos.

My mind is full of ideas.  I keep looking around at all the items I could transform!

This is the same block I shared recently.  It looked too 'boxy' to me so I added a couple of rows of buttonhole stitching (facing each other) within the red block, adding French knots along one row.  Now I'm done again.

Monday, August 18, 2014

More Stuff vs. Downsizing

I keep telling myself I need to downsize and then I run into a "bargain" I can't pass up.  I recently shared my perfume bottle collection.  Well, it just got bigger and outgrew the cabinet.  I just love this set though.  One perfume bottle has slight damage on the lip but the other is in perfect shape.

My husband wanted to go to a garage sale this past weekend to look at a Victrola.  He came home empty handed and I came home with these beauties for $2 a piece!

My mother has collected carnival glass for years and keeps trying to give me pieces so I'm not sure what prompted me to buy this piece other than the price and it was really pretty.  Anyone know the name of this pattern?  I did get it home and found a obvious chip on the edge but now I won't be afraid to use it.

I am always attracted to footed pieces and fell in love with this one.  It appears to be undamaged and will make a beautiful holder for...something.

Like many of you I have a weakness for roses.  I prefer hand-painted and this is a painted band with beautiful yellow roses which are decals, but at $2 who cares if it is pretty, right?  No damage on this piece either.

Downsizing is tough!

The CQ block I posted last is getting more stitches.  I kept looking at it and couldn't leave it alone.  I will post an updated version soon.

I am heading to my studio now to work out a design for some roses a friend wants me to paint on a china cabinet for her.  She and I share the same taste but I still get a bit anxious doing projects like this for someone else.  I am also adding some finishing touches to a silver teapot I am painting.  I will probably add it and some more jewelry to my Etsy shop soon.

Have a great day my friends!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Block 46 Completed

Another block (46th one) in this series is now completed.  This one didn't have quite as many seams as some of the previous ones.  How many stitches do you recognize?  I have used pretty basic stitches throughout this process and find it surprising how many combinations are possible.

I believe I only have two more blocks pieced, so I better get some ideas going for the next project.  I usually stitch early morning before this part of the world wakes up.  It gets my day off to a great start.  When is your favorite time to stitch?  (All day every day doesn't count ~ lol)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Block 45 and my 1st Pin Cushion

I tried my hand at making a tiny pin cushion.

I have a few of these little glass pieces and, of course, plenty of stray beads from old jewelry.  I had already added the beaded handles and ribbon around the rim as well as vintage clasps as embellishment.

There wasn't much left to do but the insertion itself.  I filled the bottom with rice.  The top is created by cutting a circle slightly larger than the glass rim at the top.  I gathered it to fit and stuffed it tightly with batting.  At that point it is glued into the glass.  Cording, about 1/8" diameter is glued on the rim and tiny silk flowers added for accent.

What do you think?  What have you used as a filler for pin cushions, or heard of others using?  This seems to work but I was thinking I had seen somewhere that someone had used fine steel wool.

I've finished my 45th 'mini block' for the CQJP 2013.  I have been using the same fabrics on all the blocks in this series, but for some reason the colors appear a little bright in this photo.  

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Etsy Shop Re-opened

I'm open for business again in my Etsy shop.  I will start off with some of my jewelry but hope to add other items as time progresses.

Sorry, no new stitching to show right now.  Last month was our trip to Colorado and a week of Ragbrai.  I have been playing 'catch up' since then with minimal stitching time.  I am getting ready to join other Crazy Quilters at the Crazy Quilt International Retreat near Kansas City the first part of September.  I am so excited and looking forward to meeting several of the cq group I have long admired and learned from over recent years.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crazy Quilt Block No. 44 Completed

My 44th Block has now been completed in this series which began as a CQJP (Crazy Quilt Journal Project) 2013.  At the beginning of this project back in January of 2013 I was sure I would get bored using the same fabric colors and thread color with no lace, beads or other embellishments.  The colors are also not colors I am normally drawn to.  I love soft colors like pastels, lots of lace, lots of beads and all kinds of textures and embellishments.  My focus has been on stitch combinations as seen on many of the vintage/antique quilts.  I have stitched intuitively and have actually found it quite meditative.  I have done no pre-planning and often what I see in my mind ends up going a different direction altogether.  

I have four more blocks in this series that are pieced.  They are small and easy to take on trips.  I did much of this block during a trip last week to Colorado.  This upcoming week is the beginning of Ragbrai (the largest organized bicycle ride that goes across Iowa from the Missouri to the Mississippi).  I will be taking these along with me but doubtful I will be getting much stitch time in.  If I do I will post when I return.