Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Finding the Source of an Image on the Internet

Do you get frustrated when you find an image on Pinterest etc and the source is not given?  This BLOG/SITE shares how to find the source and then how to add the credits to the post not giving the credit.  Good to know!

The Search for the Source

Despite the fantasy novel title, this post is about something pragmatic and useful – finding and crediting original designers of jewelry on the internet!
We’ve all experienced the annoyance of finding a picture of a beautiful piece of jewelry and having no idea where it comes from.  This is frustrating both for the beader looking to buy a pattern and for the designer whose work is floating around the internet without credit. Luckily, there is an easy way to solve this!
I have noticed that Pinterest in particular tends to have a lot of dead pins (pictures without sources or designer credit), so I’m going to use Pinterest in my example. This method will work just as well for any situation where you need to find the original source of a photo, though.
So, let’s say you are scrolling around Pinterest and you see a bracelet that you just love.
You click on it, hoping to find a link to a tutorial you can buy. Instead, you just see this -
To find where this photo originally came from, we are going to do a reverse image search on Google. To do this, open in a new tab and click the little camera icon in the search box.
Now, go back to the tab with the picture and right-click on the photo itself. Then click “Copy Image URL”.
Then go back to the Google Images page and paste the image URL into the search box.
Once you paste and click “Search by Image”, you should find a list of websites with that exact image. Scroll paste all the ones from Pinterest (they are not the original source) until you find one from a blog or website.
Click through the link to find the original source! For this particular source, it looks like a listing of a class from a few years ago.
But after a bit of scrolling, I found the instructors contact information. Now, I can email her directly and ask if I can buy a pattern or if she is still teaching this class.
This could be the end of my search, but since I am a thoughtful part of the larger beading community, I want to add this source to the original pin. That way, anyone else who pins this photo will have a link to the original source and the designer will get credit. To do this, go back to Pinterest and click the pin. Then click “Edit”.
Go back to the new source that you found and copy the URL in the address bar.
Paste the URL into the “Source” box and hit “Save Changes”.
Voila! Now you are a hero. You have found the original source and made it available to anyone who pins the photo from now on.
I understand that is impractical to do this for every pin that comes across your path, but every pin that you fix gives credit to a designer who certainly deserves it.
So, next time someone on Facebook asks if anyone knows where a picture comes from, or you find a dead pin, you can use your new super powers to find the source. Have fun being super useful!
Edit: After posting this, I had several people ask me if I found out whether or not the tutorial for this bracelet is available. I emailed the instructor, just like I recommended in the tutorial, and she does indeed sell both patterns and kits. She told me to tell you all to contact her at and mention that you’re interested in the Twisted Texture Cuff bracelet to place an order. Happy Beading, everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Three Crazy Quilt Hearts

Finally completed the stitching on my three crazy quilt heart sachets.  Now to finish construction and get them listed.

This fall colored heart is actually done and I just listed it in my Etsy shop.  It ended up being 5" h x 5" across.

I finished the back with matching fabric.

I think this pink one ended up being a favorite.  I need to get these last two finished and listed.  All three are the same size.  I just used different techniques to embellish.

I let the rose on the fabric print be the focal point on this one.

I hate when I get my photos uploaded and then see loose threads on top of the designs.  Looking at this photo of the red heart I have an urge to do something with the left edge of the rose block.  Should I add something there or does it bother you too?

I really enjoy working on these things by I have other projects with higher priority that I need to get busy on.  Darn.  I love hearing receiving your comments!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Painting Roses for a Friend and a Little Stitching Time

Got a little painting time in recently.  My friend Sandy had this adorable china cabinet.  She wanted a rose design painted on the drawer at the bottom.  I love that this cabinet even has a drawer!  She seemed pretty happy with the way it turned out.  That's good because if she wasn't I would have had to take the cabinet and I know that would have been a struggle ~ lol.  Below are some photos she took.

In exchange I got this beautiful perfume bottle to add to my collection that I shared with you all recently.  

Also got in some stitching time...

As I said in my last post I was considering combining some of my CQJP 13 blocks with my November calendar page.  With your encouragement I went with it.  I still have stitching to do where the seams join and need to add a backing and a binding but It works pretty good.

I have also been working on some hearts I will soon be adding to my Etsy page.  Yes, something besides jewelry.  I will be turning these into sachets that can go over a clothes hanger, on a drawer handle or in with your linens etc. to give them a fresh scent.  The brown/burgundy one is stitched and just needs backing and stuffing.  The pastel one below is nearly done.  I will be adding ribbon embroidery and some beads etc. to give it some sparkle yet.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Completed CQJP2013 and Calendar Page

I finally can cross my CQJP 2013 off my to-do list ~ whew!  Now, what to do with the blocks?  I have been playing around with the idea of using some of them to frame my November calendar page (shared in a previous post).  What do you think?

Here are close-ups of the final two blocks which I completed during our trip to the northwest states.  More on that later.

I think that is a total of 48 blocks, but I'm not sure.  I thought I was going to end up with 52?  They are laying all over the place and I've lost count.  I do have 30 in my mini quilt for sure.

The mini quilt is shown above.  Now, what to do with the remaining six plus blocks if I do indeed use the 12 shown at top with my November calendar page.  Decisions, decisions.

By the way, have you ordered your calendar yet?  If not, I'm pretty sure there is still time.  Go to this LINK to find out more at Kitty and Me Designs!  There is a link on her sidebar.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

CQI Retreat Photos

I returned home from the Crazy Quilt International's Retreat near Kansas City, MO yesterday.  There was so much talent there and such nice ladies.  They made me feel so welcome and after just a few days I felt like I had know several of them for years.  I am still recovering and playing catch-up at home so this is mostly photos from the retreat.  I think there were about five of us attending this retreat for the first time and about as many that have attended since their retreats began.

Above is my roomy, another Connie (Kalina).  She was so much fun.  She has attended every retreat this group has had.  (She is the 'evil' Connie though so if you happen to know her don't let her tell you otherwise).  The piece she is holding is of her female ancestors and was stunning.

Above shows the International blocks the group had worked on.  They too were amazing and as you can see received a lot of attention and close viewing.  So much detail!

This was a class in progress and obviously an interesting one by the attention the instructor is receiving.  Several mini classes were offered free throughout the retreat.

This is Cathy who created a beautiful block for Pamela Kellogg's 2015 CQ Calendar.  Cathy is also the one who (tried) to keep us in line and informed throughout the retreat.

Activities other than mini sessions included introductions/orientation, show and tell, gift exchange and a stash swap.  Vendors within the group had tables of luscious supplies set up that we could purchase and many (if not all?) of them contributed to a gift bag of goodies we each got to bring home with us.

Photos of my stash dash, purchases, and gifts or handouts are shown below... 

The box and some of the supplies inside are from the gift exchange.  When I got home I organized all my trims, fibers, beads/buttons, silkies, laces etc. inside the handy and pretty box.

Thankfully I can say I did not come home with near as much fabric as I contributed for the stash dash! 

I am determined to do something with all the goodies and not let them just sit around unused.  My first retreat was a very positive experience and I hope to participate in more in the future.  A special 'Thank You' to all the CQI stitchers for making me feel welcome!