Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small Quilt - Block 2 and TAST

I have just a small amount left to do on this block which I will finish up later on.  I am a bit undecided as to how I want to finish up the plant.  What are your first thoughts?

Part of me thinks a pot would detract.  A small vase with an added couple of rose buds might fight with the roses on the tea set.  I'm leaning toward just adding more leaves below what I already have, leaving a pot or vase to the imagination of the viewer.  Thoughts? 

I was going to add a small tea bag, but decided against it.  I think silver tea strainers would fit the early 1900s theme better.  The lace edged napkin was an afterthought that adds some nice dimension.  The little teaspoon with attached heart is a pin that I had in my stash.  A few of the green stones and pearls along the edge are missing, but I'm not too worried about that.  I simply pinned this piece on and it can easily be removed if I choose to do so later on.

I am going to mull this over and get started on the next block.  I'm sure something will come to mind or maybe one of you will have an idea I can run with.

I had totally forgotten about the TAST challenge until Thursday.  It was fortunate it was just a variation of the chain stitch we had done earlier, so I added it to the chain stitch tag as a variation.

I had already created two trees for the Chain stitch and decided another wasn't necessary, especially since I was in the middle of another project.   You may need to click on the photo(s) to see that I actually did use two different threads since one of them is very close to the color of the tag itself.


Monica said...

That plant is challenging, isn't it? My thought would be to add a stem that curves away slightly from the setting, as if there is a rose lying on the table beside the cup. The perspective is already a little unusual with the addition of the spoon, so I think you could sell that a rose is lying there as well. Add a couple of larger roses near the top, and I think it might work.

Good luck, it will be interesting to see what you decide!

shawkl said...

Hmmm, instead of a "flowering" about clusters of little three's? It would be similar to holly or a berry bush of some kind. That's my two-cents worth.
Love the tea set!

Createology said...

My immediate thought is to add some very small Czech glass flower beads to the leaves of the plant. Being glass they wouldn't compete with the beautiful ribbon roses. And this is from someone who does not do CQ...:o(
Your work is beautiful dear.

Marjolein said...

It seems as if the plant grows from nowhere, so I vote for a transparant slim vase about half the size of the teacup. Maybe you could add some rosebuds in bullions in the same pink as on the middle left patch. That way they don't compete with the lovely roses on the china.

Melissa said...

When looking at the block my first thought was the same as Marjolein's a little slim bud vase, that recedes visually. Though when I read Monica's comment, I liked her idea of a stem lying on the table too. I think either would work well. It just depends on your envisioning! :-)

margaret said...

such a very pretty teapot, cup and saucer, I agree the leaves need something so they do not look as though they are hanging in mid air, I go with Monica and think extend the stem, will wait to see which path you take, whatever you do will be right I am sure
You have some beautiful lace a very pretty block.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Wow! Thanks for all the great ideas. You got my brain activated again. I started on something this morning that may solve the problem, incorporating some your ideas/suggestions. I think they were all really good and any of them would solve the problem I was having. I will share what I'm doing soon. Thank you all I just love this community!

Suztats said...

I think the leaves could be extended down and disappear under the lace, with a few partial leaves sticking out here and there. It might be nice to add a lighter leaf, perhaps in the same shade as the rose leaves on the lovely tea cups, but I'm not sure....the plant looks a little dark and isolated, so perhaps it might also extend and curve upwards to disappear under the lace there, too, with a green shadow showing through the lace....and that way bring the eye around the pretty table setting, instead of the leaves standing aloof......or perhaps......
add a bit of the flower colour with a small stitch or beads among the leaves, and have a curvy stem with the ocassional leaf extended above and below the existing leaves.
Your teapot and cup are delightful, and lightly done, but right now, my eye goes to the dark, static leaves.
I love the lace edged napkin! I'm sure whatever you choose to do will have a wonderful result!

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

What about a trailing vine of beaded flowers? Whatever you choose I am sure will be lovely! Love the teacup! Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving!

Cathy K said...

Hmmmm. Is it your intent to cluster the block interest in the center and then go back and add some accents to the lace? I ask that because IMHO you could do something like adding stemmed buds to carry the eye up (toward the lace) a bit. If it were my block, I would remove the two leaves in the center panel, add a simple bloom on front of the stems and concentrate on working the motif UP. You could always use organza ribbon as "steam" wafting up from the cup to cover holes left by unpicking.

And why does a group of flowers need to be anchored in a pot, vase or basket? Most of the floral motifs we stitch are floating motifs, and that's perfectly acceptable.

What a gorgeous block this is, regardless of what you do!!

Hugs, Cathy