Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What Have I Been Doing? Beading, Stitching and Listing on Etsy

Seems like I am in the midst of a zillion projects!  That may be a bit exaggerated but sometimes it seems like an endless list of UFOs.  I'm trying to just face them one at a time and not let myself get overwhelmed.  It feels good to get even one thing crossed off my list though.  I know we are all in the same boat at times, right?

I have been working on a couple of things I can't share yet, but will soon but in the meantime wanted to share what I can.  I finished another of my hanging heart sachets and got it listed in my Etsy shop.  It is scented with lavender from a lavender farm not far from where I live.

My next project will be finishing up my fall hanging using blocks from CQJP 2013 and my November calendar page.  I finished connecting the blocks and embroidering along the new seams.  I found the perfect fabric (in my opinion) for binding it.  I loved all the feedback I received on that but when I held the various fabrics next to the piece it just wasn't working for me.  I couldn't find a warm enough and dark enough brown and the burgundy didn't feel quite right either but was close.  The black seemed a bit dark but was going to be my choice.  I decided to take one last look and found a fabric that complimented without overpowering.  Hopefully I can finish that project this week and show you what I found.

After that the next thing on my list is a winter horse panel from Hobby Lobby that I am stitching together for my mom to hang on her apartment door.  She picked it out and how could I say no?  It should be pretty quick as it just needs a backing and batting.  I think I may add some sequins here and there first to give the 'snowflakes' a little sparkle.  Loving this white horse!

I have taken over the dining room with my jewelry.  I have been putting off getting it all listed and have now made it a priority.  It may never sell but it has a better chance in my Etsy shop than in a box in my studio.  I just really enjoy coming up with new pieces and I guess I got a little carried away.  They are each one-of-a-kind though.  Many of my pieces use unique 'previously loved' beads and components so I couldn't duplicate those even if I wanted to.  I hope you will keep me in mind when you are looking for Christmas, Valentine's Day and/or birthday presents!  I haven't shown these as available for shipping anywhere but within the USA but if you don't live here and are interested contact me and I will gladly figure shipping etc.  I am just getting active on Etsy and I'm not real comfortable with shipping elsewhere yet.  It isn't anything personal!

Here is a sampling of the jewelry I'm offering.  I hope you will come visit.


Anita said...

beautiful heart! is that beaded edging?

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Hi Anita! The edging on the heart is a burgundy lace. It does sort of look like it could be beaded here. Thanks for stopping in!