Saturday, November 15, 2014

Completing Crazy Quilting Projects

Finally finished my combo CQJP 2013 with November Calendar Block.  I found some upholstery/drapery fabric that had the perfect burgundy and gold colors in a subtle pattern.  It coordinated nicely especially with the gold lace over burgundy fabric on the center block.  I may still add something more to the border later on but for now this project is crossed off my list and hanging for fall.

This isn't crazy quilting, but it is another project crossed off my list.  Mom saw this panel hanging at Hobby Lobby when we stopped by there recently.  She really liked it so I told her I would make it for her.  It is a beautiful panel.  We both loved horses as did my dad when he was alive.

I top stitched around the horse head, mane, eye and nostril as well as around some of the leaves.  I don't know if you can see in either of these photos but I added some adhesive rhinestones in the centers of the snowflakes and sporadically around the panel to give it a bit of sparkle like snow coming down.

I added ribbon loops and antique snowflake jewelry along the top, hanging it on a red dowel.

Her apartment doors opens to the hallway and there is a shelf just outside each door for decorating.  As you can see she likes to decorate.  It hangs just a bit low on her door, but a majority of those living in the senior apartments are short.  You have to be 70 or older to live there.

Yesterday I mailed off the blocks for my first round robin through Crazy Quilts International.  These blocks are going to be 2" x 3" when completed.  I am planning to make a mini fiber book with the completed blocks.  I have two covers (front and back) that I will be completing myself.

I am asking each person to choose a color from the palette below to complete their 'page'.  For instance one block/page will be stitched and embellished using one pastel color family (pink, blue, lavender, amber, green, or peach).

It feels so good to get some projects done and crossing them off my 'to do' list.  I am definitely a 'list' person.  Are you?

I mailed my ornament for a CQI ornament exchange yesterday also and should be receiving one in return next week.  Photos and a tutorial will be posted next week after I am sure the ornament has been delivered.  I hate spoiling anyone's surprise although I can tell you it is a peacock ornament since she is already aware of that.  I will also be receiving a mini cq set of blocks from one of the other rr participants for me to work on.  I am looking forward to both!


Caseymini said...

Connie, all of your work is beautiful, but the crazy quilt in the first photo is outstanding! Love the design and the colors.

margaret said...

Mum must be delighted with the horse panel, I had a zoom in so I could get a really good look. Good to see the crazy blocks completed and the new blocks for your swap are so delicate. I have signed up for next year too and hope to get my blocks from this year put together before Xmas so i can give it to Helen at Christmas time