Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peacock Ornament Exchange and Tutorial

When I was at the Crazy Quilt International Retreat in Kansas City we drew names to participate in an ornament exchange.  I don't know if this really qualifies as crazy quilting but it does sort of, kind of...  There weren't any hard and fast rules and hopefully the recipient will be pleased with this.

The name I drew was Tahlia.  I knew she liked peacocks so I started wondering how I could create a peacock ornament.  It turns out she also likes jellyfish, bunnies, hippos, sea turtles and Victorian items as well but by the time I learned that (within minutes) I already had ideas for a peacock rumbling through my mind.  I came home and went shopping.  I bought a deep bluegreen and a lighter, more aqua, coordinating fabric and then found a sheer netting type fabric with sparkles sitting next to the cutting table (and calling my name).  This post is photo heavy since most of us are very visual.  I thought this would be the easiest way to show you how I created the ornament.  I had the general idea in my head, bought supplies and then let my muse take over from there.

I drew a pattern on the computer and played with the design possibilities.  If you would like the actual pattern, send me your request and email address and I will send it to you.  You can adjust the size to fit your needs.

I traced the pattern onto my lining fabric (muslin) and then used this as a stitch guide (traced pattern on muslin facing out and basting to the back/wrong side of the fabric).  Note:  I placed the muslin over the pattern and traced it onto the muslin with a pencil.  Baste muslin lining to each of the five sections.

The next step was to embroider the center stem of each section.  I used a fly stitch.

I folded and pinned the pieces to see if I was going to be happy with the way it was coming together.

This is the broach (above photo) I had purchased online to use in the center of the ornament.  I later found the larger peacock pendant (shown below) at Hancock Fabrics.   As you can see I chose to use the larger peacock. 

Next I stitched each section/feather with a metallic green thread as shown using the stem stitch.  No two feathers are the same.  Just wing it (pun intended).  I know your eyes are probably now rolling ~ lol.

I then played with some sequins to get an idea of how or if they would work.

I decided to embroider (stem stitch) an oval on each according to the pattern to frame the sequins I had chosen.

I didn't want to stitch the sequins on until I was sure the decorative stitching was done to avoid the thread getting caught on the sequins.

I then attached a large copper sequin topped with a smaller faceted green sequin using a green seed bead.

The next step was to add muslin lining (with pattern outline as a guide) to the back side of each feather piece.

With right sides together I stitched together the front and back of each feather/section leaving about 1" open for turning.  Trim seams and turn right sides out.  Baste seam together.

Stitch the five sections together at the bottom.  I tacked the outer two feather sections together and the two aqua sections together at the base and then layered all five, tacking in place

Back shown above; front decorative side below.  Set this aside.

The sparkly netting was cut into a strip and gathered into a ring on one side as shown below.

Fan the netting out to cover the back.  Stitch the netting to the back of feather cluster.

I covered this with a fabric covered button to hide the stitching.

From the front I trimmed the netting a bit closer to the feather section with pinking sheers.  Since the netting is stiff and doesn't ravel, Tahlia can trim it closer if she wishes.

Here is the finished back view.

On the front I crunched up the part of the netting I trimmed off and stitched it down close to the center.

I then centered and stitched the peacock piece in place.

A narrow ribbon is stitched in place for hanging, hiding the stitching between the feather section and the netting.

Wouldn't a tree full of these in different 'peacock colors' be beautiful!  How about white or ivory?  This pattern would still be pretty using it to create fans with a variety of details.  It wouldn't need the peacock in the center.  You could use pretty rhinestone buttons.  Lots of possibilities!


Createology said...

This CQ Peacock ornament is truly Bluetiful! I adore how you have put together fabrics and threads that actually represent such a beautiful bird. Creative Peacock Bliss...

Mosaic Magpie said...

I kept wondering what you were going to do with raw edges....what a beautiful peacock and you are right a tree covered in them would be stunning!

JennyPennyPoppy said...

What a beautiful peacock ornament! Thank you for all the photos and explanation. Tahlia will be thrilled.

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thank you for the nice comments. Yes, Tahlia's ornament subject was a no brainer. She sat next to me at the retreat and everything surrounding her was peacock related. You all are so sweet for visiting my blog since I have been really bad at keeping it up and in visiting other blogs.

Annette said...

Just pure awesome and a great tutorial. Thanks girl xoxox