Friday, December 2, 2011

My First BOHO Bag

I wanted to share my 99% completed BOHO Bag.

Recognize that little bicycle pin in the lower right. That is the one I just recently purchased at the auction.

I love this image. I have had it for so long I don't remember where it came from. I had printed it onto fabric a few years ago but didn't know what I wanted to do with it. Then along came the BOHO bag craze.

I embellished a few areas on the image and added lace everywhere on the flap along with some buttons, beads and the bicycle pin.

The little cherub shown here with the buttons appears to be looking up at the ladies wondering when they are going to get over this gossiping. That little charm is from a cherub bracelet I picked up at a shop a few months ago. The color was right and I loved the little bit of subtle humor.

The reason this bag is not yet completed is because (1) I can't seem to settle on a strap and I don't have enough of the fabric to make one, and (2) when I pick up the bag the flap weighs it down and none of the bag shows and it just doesn't hang right. I'm thinking I may need to add a stiff interfacing to the bag section so it will hold its shape better and I'm also considering about a 2" to 3" band in a coordinating fabric around the top edge of the bag to lengthen it.

I would love to hear any suggestions you have. Many of you are seasoned sewers and master bag makers and can maybe tell me what I've done wrong...maybe a type of interfacing that is good for a project like this? Really, any and all ideas!


Rebecca Nelson said...

Fabo! Fabo! First but not your last. Love it!!!


Suztats said...

It looks wonderful! I love the pic and all the lace!

Blondie's Journal said...

It's just lovely, Connie. I hope you can decide on an equally lovely strap!


Shawkl said...



Anonymous said...

Oh, it is WONDERFUL!!!! That image you used was perfect for this project. I can imagine that they are talking about the bike rides they are going to be taking soon, don't you?
The little charms and laces draw your eye to the picture and the trim you used around the edge of the flap is fun and funky! Like those girls!
As for adding some stiffness to the bag. Pellon interfacing (the really stiff version) works nicely. You iron it to the fabric and then the lining will cover it up. BUT, since you've already sewn your purse, the only thing I can think of is to put some sort of plastic along the purse edges and cover it with fabric. Perhaps the next one you make (because you HAVE TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE) you could add a stiffner to the flap as well. I made a purse once and the flap kept bending in half. Drove me nuts.
I've seen these BOHO purses and now you've got me thinking I need to make one. Dave's gone for a while and this would keep me occupied (instead of cleaning my house!). Is there a certain website or pattern or is this just 'off the cuff'?
Great job Connie. Your work always is beautiful!

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

Beautiful! Did you add a layer of thin fusible batting between the lining and bag parts? Since it is a cloth bag, you will get the slouchy look but when it is on your shoulder or across the body, it straightens out and the embellished flap is visible.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Once you fill that bag with all of your goodies and get a strap on it, everything should be fine. It is heavy now, but once you carry it, should be fine. I love it and all that lace is great!

Debra Dixon said...

I would never want to carry that purse and take the chance of getting it dirty! I think I would seal it in a glass cube and just look at it all the time!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks absolutely stunning! I'm afraid I have no ideas for you in order to stiffen it, but I think they're supposed to be on the slouchy side anyway so it should be okay as it is.

Jane said...

What a pretty way to frame out your image, makes such a big impact in a romanticly simple way. I think I got a conundrum figured out this morn. Somehow I thought you were the Simply CQ blog, but in looking deeper, I see you are a contributor there? I am so easily confused but know to find you here for main base. Enjoy your Sunday!

Cathy said...

What a gorgeous purse you have made, Connie! I love the colors, the lace, the picture - everything about it! I chuckled at the charming bicycle pin; last month I purchased a vintage bicycle pin on a whim and will be blogging about it (finally) this weekend. Anyway, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your boho bag!
Hugs, Cathy

Judy S. said...

Beautiful! Love everything about it!


Hello Connie, I just discovered your lovely blog. Your Boho bag is very vintage looking and your silkie is perfect additions to it. Lovely wee old fashion bike. Great looking bag. Hugs Judy