Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ORTS? Excuse me? Now a part's going on!

Here is an update on my ORTs post...

MA of Magpie Mumblings shared a link about a year long ORTs challenge (a totally useless stitch-a-long as she calls it) going on for 2012 over at Daffycat. It sounds like a lot of fun. MA, you've talked me into joining in the fun ~ lol. And to think a week ago I had no clue what an ORTs was!!! Click on DaffyCat's blog link above to see what it is all about and join in the fun.

When I least expect it I learn something new!

If I had seen this jar in someone else's sewing room I would have thought now there is someone like me that just hates to throw anything away but, unlike me, keeps her cast-aways in a pretty jar...until now. This is called an Orts Jar!

It is almost like a work of art isn't it. (kidding...a little). Well, below is what I had been keeping my scraps in. Yes, the old butter dish.

Pretty threads and scraps, but not such a pretty jar. It hadn't even dawned on me to make it pretty!

What I didn't know until I was HERE is that there is a name for this! ORTS! According to one of the comments ORT stands for Old Ragged Thread. I just love stitchin fingers! It is for stitchers of any kind and any level from beginner to professional and everyone in between. It is a great place to meet like minded souls, discuss issues and get help with a stitching problem or even just share your work and be inspired by eye candy posted by other stitchers. Sharon created this site and happens to be the one that shared her ORTS Jar. She is definitely in the professional league as her needlework is quite beautiful. Sharon is also the person that will be administrating the TAST challenge I mentioned on my previous post. Where does she find the energy?


Debra Dixon said...

"Orts" are so fun! I have them in all shapes and sizes but none in fancy dishes.

One year I need to just deal with Ort projects! that would be about 2015!

Cyra said...

Oh my! That ORTs jar is so beautiful. I've been collecting mine in a biscuit tin hidden away in a cupboard, but I shall now be on the lookout for a glass vessel to show off my ort's.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

tried to post a comment and don't think it worked? Anyway, check out my blog post for today to find out about a fun blogging game involving orts!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I started a little "orts" jar, but I keep tossing my bits of thread. You would think being the hoarder that I am I would have a mountain of orts!

Unknown said...

This idea is great . I will do my self tonight when I go home a ORTs jar as I do have them all around in small bags and I lose them always, finding them when i do not need it anymore.