Thursday, August 25, 2011

Another Evening at the Plantation

End of another evening of mowing the plantation. The acreage where we are planting our aronia berries sits at the top of a hill and has such pretty views of the countryside - 360º. The sun is usually setting by the time we finish and there is such a stillness and quiet. The temps cool and the air has the scent of the freshly mowed lawn.

After nearly 1 1/2 to 2 hrs with both mowers (his and hers) going steady, it is great to be finished for a few more days. The land looks so nice right after it is mowed too. It's too bad the old house just withered away due to neglect. I can see why his ancestors chose that spot to build.

Below is the only building left on the farm. Every time we return to mow, further damage has been done to it. The missing section to the left (west) was damaged when a connected shed was torn down, but we had replaced the corrugated metal, screwing it into the large posts. Since we repaired that damage we returned and on separate occasions found: those panels lying on the ground; the center large door jammed with the 2"x4" support behind it totally split in half; the two transparent panels on the roof filled with holes and one even knocked out; the huge sliding door on the right broken and panels removed and last night there was a section on the east side near the top that had been removed. Who does these things and why? It is very frustrating. There is nothing in the shed for obvious reasons. I would love to catch whoever is being so destructive, but how do you do that when no one lives near? Any ideas?

Here is a view showing much of the acreage...

Our plants are supposed to be coming in around the first weekend in September, so we will have a lot of planting by hand to do. I believe he ordered 1800 plants. Too bad we can't get the vandals to do something constructive like helping plant instead of being destructive.


Anonymous said...

Good heavens....what do people think about when they hurt other people's property? That is so sad and invasive, too!

1800 plants? How long will that take to plant? And how will your backs hold out? I agree, the property is very pretty! And nice job of mowing!

When I read your title about the 'plantation' I had a vision of formal attire and minty drinks! Tell me you aren't wearing that to plant!?!?!

Marlene said...

WOW thats a lot of land , how beautiful!