Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Making Snow Globes

I spent the day with my granddaughters a couple of weeks ago making little snow globes. They seemed to enjoy it and even had some ideas for some they wanted to make as gifts.

Supplies you will need:

  • jar with tight sealing lid (pickle jar, peanut butter jar, etc.)

  • sandpaper

  • small water proof figure(s)

  • glycerin (only takes a couple of drops)

  • glitter

  • waterproof adhesive

  • distilled water

  • paint for the lid (I used spray paint)

Before you begin, make certain your figure which is to be displayed inside will fit easily into the jar and its opening!

  1. Paint the outside of the lid and let dry;

  2. Clean the jar (especially inside) so there are no smudges;

  3. Sand the bottom of the figure and the inside of the lid to give it some tooth or texture so the adhesive/glue will stick better-be certain to remove dust from sanding;

  4. Apply glue to the lid and to the bottom of the figure (according to package instructions) and after attaching them together, set them aside to dry;

  5. Fill the jar with distilled water;

  6. Add a couple of drops of glycerin to the water (Note: adding too much will make the glitter stick together and clump) and stir;

  7. Sprinkle in some glitter;

  8. Stir this well with a stick to separate the glitter;

  9. Carefully lower the figure (which should be securely attached to the lid) into the water and tightly screw the lid onto the jar;

  10. Turn it over so the lid becomes the base and check for any leaks;

  11. Shake vigorously and let the fun begin!

These instructions are very basic, but worked well for us. You can experiment with different amounts of glycerin. Some of the instructions I had found said to use a cap full and others said 2-3 drops. I think this would depend on how large the jar is, the quantity and size of the glitter or other "snow" used, etc. Another thing to note is that I applied the glue for the kids due to possible fumes, sticky fingers, the mess and other lurking problems. I also suggest covering the table surface with newspaper, plastic or other protection since you will likely have spills.

It was a fun kid's project but wouldn't recommend it for any children under 6!


Blondie's Journal said...

These are darling {so are your granddaughters!} I think it might be a doable project for me...I'm all thumbs! lol! Thanks for sharing the directions, Connie, and have a good week!!


MosaicMagpie said...

I remember making these with my daughter's class one year. I still have the one my daughter made!

Angela said...

This looks like so much fun, I've send it on to my daughter, nice to make for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

How lovely and fun and magical. I love this idea and thanks for letting us know how this is done.
I am just back from my hols and am having a digital collage sheet giveaway myself.Please pop by and help yourself to it and see my holiday snaps
hugs June x