Friday, May 27, 2011

Guess What It Is!

I'll give you a hint. If you are old enough it is a blast from the past. If you are younger you have probably never seen one of these. I doubt they even allow them to be made anymore for safety reasons. (Sorry this first photo isn't more clear but I promise the rest are better.)

They usually came in a cute little plastic box.

This next photo will give you the answer.

They are tiny glass tubes, sealed on each end with a rounded and colored tip. Each color represents a different scent perfume as indicated on the insert below. You would break off the tips and apply the tiny bit of perfume to your wrists and behind your ears. Can you imagine someone these days selling glass pieces that you broke off and then touched your skin with the broken glass!

When I saw this at an antique shop I was just flooded with memories from when I was a teenager. I was fascinated with these and used to have some. One of my high school friends would keep us supplied. Her dad must have sold them or something because they always had them on hand. I also remember the little shop that carried these. I just loved going there and browsing at all the pretty things they had. I remember them having compacts and metal money holders that sort of looked like compacts. They also carried little clocks loaded with rhinestones. If I ever found a shop like that now I would be in big trouble because I would want to buy everything they had, not because I needed it, but rather just for the memories.

I collect perfume bottles and was so excited when I found these and had to have them. Some day I will share my collection. It isn't huge, but I do have some very pretty perfume bottles and several of them have special memories. When I see a beautiful perfume bottle at a price I can afford my heart skips a beat. I get so excited. Do you collect something that makes you feel that way?


Kim B said...

Those are just beautiful. I have never seen one before. I dont reallly have a collection....mmmmm maybe I need to start a collection....I love those old needle packages...i have a few of those my ex MIL gave me...they are really neat. Happy Weekend, Hugs, Kim

Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

I remember those! This is a beauty AND what a great price... I remember my Mom pretending she wasn't home when the fuller brush salesman would come. I liked when he caught her because he'd give her LOTS of little sample bottles. They were just my size. The little Blue Evening in Paris was SO DARLING!!! Thank you for the blast from the past!
Have a wonderful weekend

GerryART said...

I don't remember seeing them for sale but these used to be hand-outs at the department stores.
Lucky gal, you.

Pat Winter said...

I have the same box of unbroken perfumes. I will find them and post. How cool. I found them last year.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've never seen these - I agree about them being a bit unsafe, but they sure do make a nice collectors item now. Does anybody still use those lovely old compacts or are they all plastic now?