Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend Silver Treasure Finds

Went to my first garage sales of the season last weekend. I was driving around looking for signs. The last one I followed turned out to be worth stopping at. I am always intrigued by the fancy silver serving pieces that were used for special occasions 'back in the day'. I remember the care and polishing my mother and grandmother used when setting the table with fine silver and the best linens. As I said this was done on special occasions and not on a regular basis. As many of you know I use some of these silver pieces for organizing in my studio. Getting back to the garage sale...

I spotted the end of this serving tray sticking out of a box and made a bee line to pick it up. The box of silver items was marked $10.00 so I looked through the box to see if I needed it. I left it sitting there and looked around some more. A lady ahead of me asked if she could buy just a couple of items out of another box rather than the entire box. I asked if I could get the same deal. She proceeded to explain to me everything was half price! I decided to take the entire box at that price...$5.00! Other than the (tarnished) silver tray above, I found other great pieces when I got home and was thrilled I had taken the entire box.

I had seen the stand for this gravy boat, but didn't know what the stand was for until I got it home and found the top piece. I absolutely LOVE this piece! I don't have many dinners anymore, but I am thinking it would work great if I place a small glass dish inside the gravy boat and fill it with the scented wax. If I do need it for food later on it will still be usable and safe for food. In the meantime it will not be sitting in a cabinet collecting dust.

The sterling silver gravy boat with warming tray stand was definitely my favorite find, but there was so much in the box and I have no regrets taking it all. This sweet little tea pot was also included. The inside of these pots are often in bad shape, but this one was very clean and in great condition. The bottom of the pot has a large 'S' under which it is engraved silver over copper.

This round tray was also in the box...

As were these salt/pepper shakers (made in the USA), the apple bowl (not sterling), the sterling covered butter dish with glass liner, the wire bread basket (I know I should have unwrapped it for a better I bad), and the cute angel candle snuffer. There were also two tongs and a couple of other serving utensils.

I think the little apple dish may end up full of beads or clips in my studio or it may end up in the kitchen to hold a scrubbing pad. The bread basket will be used for just that. The salt/pepper shakers will go on a shelf next to some other silver ones I have until I figure out what I can make with them. I'm not sure what I will use the butter dish for. It may just sit in my cabinet for awhile.

Oddly enough, there was also a brass candle stick. It may end up with a candle on it or I may paint it and epoxy a pretty dish on top. It's future is uncertain.

It and the candle snuffer have been in contact with a red candle recently and are due for a good cleaning. Bath time little angel.

I hope your weekend is full of good memories of loved ones and that you are surrounded by love.


GerryART said...

Please, give me a call next time you go Garage Sale-ing. Looks like you have the knack.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow - you certainly got a steal! I love silver pieces but don't have any because I'm just too lazy to try to keep them shined.