Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Artists Unite and a Fraud Warning!

I just had to share this link with you all. It was sent to me by one of my artist friends. I have read on various posts the frustrations bloggers and artists have felt when their copyright has been infringed upon. This link is an example of the power of the Internet in bringing like minds together for a common cause.

Another friend shared this link which basically reminds us to not jump to conclusions and let our emotions rule our actions. As wrong as it seems UO was, this post makes a good point.

The point is that we are not alone in dealing with the big guys with deep pockets.

OK, so as if it isn't enough that companies and others rip you off, here is another link to get the blood boiling. So very frustrating.

My message to all of the above is "Pick on someone your own size"!!!

I am also having trouble with Blogger as many of you have mentioned similar issues. I am unable to post on other's blogs. Technology is great...when it works right!

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Jane said...

Hi Connie,
Great info. Thx for sharing it with us.
I wanted to get back to you about the paint I used on the silverplated bowl. I didn't prime the piece and I sprayed painted it with Rustoleum paint I purchased at Home Depot (Heirloom White). It took a couple of coats to give it good coverage.
Hope that helps!