Saturday, May 8, 2010

Storing Art Supplies and Making it Look Pretty

A studio makeover is a continuous process. That is OK, because everything doesn't have to be done right away. It is best to work through things in sections so you aren't totally overwhelmed. My project this week was this counter. Below is a photo of the counter I bought at a discount store. This 'before' photo was taken as I was placing items in the room and everything hadn't quite found a home. The inside of the counter had dividers that work really well for my watercolor papers, pads, safety items and rolled up stained glass patterns while the bottom section holds some of my wire baskets of supplies. The top is a good solid work area and a good place for other supplies or work in progress.

I decided I wanted to cover the front of the counter to hide the stored items. I had some fabric I'd purchased for cushions in our sun room. I obviously didn't finish that project, but bought ready made cushions on sale instead, but that is another story. The fabric seemed perfect for this project. I simply measured the width and height of my cabinet front, allowed about 6" in height for the hem and to make a pocket for the rod to fit through. The 'rod' is simply a curtain rod that snaps onto brackets which came with it. For the width of the fabric, I cut about 2 1/2 times the width to create the gathers. It wouldn't have to be that full, but I do like the look. Below are some 'after photos'.

I really like the finished look it gives this area. Although it is more practical I suppose to leave the shelves easily accessible, it just isn't as pleasing. I can still easily get to what I need. I relate it to leaving the doors off your kitchen cabinets or your closet--which by the way works great for some styles and tastes. Don't you agree this looks better than the before? Is this something you have done or could do in your studio?

This bottom photo is a metal shelf/towel bar that I set upside down on my counter (see above)and currently use it to hold some of the jewelry I designed. (Some of the jewelry is shown on my other blog: Another repurposed item that could serve a multitude of functions other than the intended! Think 'outside the box' as they say.

Have a great weekend and Mother's Day!!!

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