Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Victorian Crystal and Pearl Recycled Necklace

As you may or may not know, I love sparkle. This necklace made of bits and pieces from broken jewelry turned out to be one of my favorites. I love the champagne shades of color, the shape and the sparkle. There is something very pleasing about the mixture of pearl and crystal and this piece is a good example of that.

I actually reconfigured the center focal section several times before I came up with this design. It kind of looks like a heart and the drops give it a real Victorian feel.


In the Light of the Moon said...

I really love these warm colors and your center is just perfect!!Warmest Regards,Cat

LizlovesVintage said...

Beautiful Work! Love the sparkle, You know:)

Bella said...

Hi Connie,
What a gorgeous piece! Victorian inspired pearls with a twinkle... perfect! Jewelry making is something I know nothing about, but when I see pieces like this I wanna learn!