Monday, August 18, 2014

More Stuff vs. Downsizing

I keep telling myself I need to downsize and then I run into a "bargain" I can't pass up.  I recently shared my perfume bottle collection.  Well, it just got bigger and outgrew the cabinet.  I just love this set though.  One perfume bottle has slight damage on the lip but the other is in perfect shape.

My husband wanted to go to a garage sale this past weekend to look at a Victrola.  He came home empty handed and I came home with these beauties for $2 a piece!

My mother has collected carnival glass for years and keeps trying to give me pieces so I'm not sure what prompted me to buy this piece other than the price and it was really pretty.  Anyone know the name of this pattern?  I did get it home and found a obvious chip on the edge but now I won't be afraid to use it.

I am always attracted to footed pieces and fell in love with this one.  It appears to be undamaged and will make a beautiful holder for...something.

Like many of you I have a weakness for roses.  I prefer hand-painted and this is a painted band with beautiful yellow roses which are decals, but at $2 who cares if it is pretty, right?  No damage on this piece either.

Downsizing is tough!

The CQ block I posted last is getting more stitches.  I kept looking at it and couldn't leave it alone.  I will post an updated version soon.

I am heading to my studio now to work out a design for some roses a friend wants me to paint on a china cabinet for her.  She and I share the same taste but I still get a bit anxious doing projects like this for someone else.  I am also adding some finishing touches to a silver teapot I am painting.  I will probably add it and some more jewelry to my Etsy shop soon.

Have a great day my friends!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Looks like you did pretty well at the sales! We haven't gone the last few weeks because Jack is still recovering from his knee surgery. It's not that I need anything, but it's fun to look. I've never noticed any perfume bottles at any of our sales here, but have seen them in the antique stores for pretty hefty prices.

margaret said...

some lovely bargains you got at the sale, the roses plate is what caught my eye