Monday, June 30, 2014

Another 6" Block

I am continuing on with a few more blocks following the CQJP 2013 blocks.  I enjoy working in this size, working with the same color thread with the focus and experimentation on stitch variety, and really enjoy working on the poly satin fabric.  Lots of stitch combinations on here.

I will be leaving on a road trip soon and have about four more blocks ready to stitch on.  We will have our granddaughters with us so I'm not planning on getting a lot done, but I'll be ready when the opportunity comes.  I thought I would be really tired of doing these by now but oddly I'm not.  I did create another block recently and will share that with you later on.  I've also been doing a little bead work so it isn't like I do nothing else.

This is truly a learning experience as I am creating the combinations as I go, working intuitively.  I am hoping to offer a booklet soon to share how I've created all the combinations as a handy reference for those interested.  I just need to get to work on it.


margaret said...

a very nice block Connie, the use of just one colour for the stitching works so very well. I so enjoy hand stitching rather than machine and can see you do too

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

I do enjoy hand stitching Margaret, both creating it and looking at it. I find that is one of the things I really enjoy about vintage quilts.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hmmmm - I just woke up to the fact that I haven't been receiving your posts on my blog feed so I've been missing things. Argh!!!! I will try to re-subscribe & see what happens.