Saturday, February 1, 2014

BJP (Bead Journal Project) 2012 Project Completed

Better late than never I always say.  As you know I am spending the first part of this year catching up on unfinished projects.  In 2012 I participated in BJP and have had the pieces sitting around all this time while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with them.  

I found this fabric, 2 yards, on sale for $2.00.  The antique doily runner is from a garage sale or shop and had a tag of $7.00 still attached.  I couldn't remember when or where I purchased it, but was saving it for something special.  It was perfect for this!  I used the fabric and made binding for each of the beaded lace pieces, hand stitching it on.  I also hand stitched the lace runner in place, stretching and measuring as I went.  I still need to buy a dowel for the top pocket for hanging...and then find a place to hang it.  The entire piece is 5' long x 14.5" wide.  It was difficult to photograph.  You can view close-up photos of my monthly beaded pieces by selecting the BJP tab near the top of my blog.

I had run out of ecru/ivory seed beads at one point and used black seed beads instead until I could find more.  I have added the same binding to these two pieces and found two more doilies that matched each other.  I am planning on mounting these and will probably frame them.  It feels so good to finish projects - especially when the results turn out the way you hoped.

After reading the comments on my last couple of posts I know I'm not alone.  I'm not sure if I'm the last to finish my BJP, but I doubt it.  Technically I'm not done until I finish the last two pieces, but they are next on my 'to do' list.


margaret said...

your could not display these pieces in a better way Connie, really beautiful

Monica said...

Yes, it's beautiful, Connie! I love the lace runner against the brown background - reminds me of my grandmother, who always wore brown. But not beads and lace! :)

JennyPennyPoppy said...

It's always nice to hear about someone else getting around to a project they had started years ago. I'm bound and determined to finish one of my old projects this year too! I bet your bead project looks stunning in person. Beautifully done!