Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Project in the Works ~ Sandy Lynam Clough

Is ten years too long of a time to finish a project?  Yes, ten years!  I know it has been ten years because it was started before my son was married.  Silly thing is all I had left to do was finish the doily.  I ran across this while I was looking for another UFO.  As you can imagine the threads were all wadded up but fortunately I had put them onto a card and marked the colors.  

I love Sandy Lynam Clough's art and decided it was time to work on this.

 I had changed the word "Mother" to "Eyberg" (my last name) and decided I won't complete the framed edges.  I don't know what I will do with this for sure, but It will likely be incorporated into a CQ block at some point (soon I hope) so the outer edges likely won't be needed.  That's my story anyway.  For now I am calling it finished.

The doily is metallic gold and the cup has metallic gold on the rim.  The heart pendant is framed with gold and the letters and handle also have touches of metallic.  It is difficult to photograph the sparkle of metallics but it really sets this piece off and gives it dimension.

What is the longest amount of time it has taken you to finish a project?  I have also been working on my bead journal project and will be ready to share it soon.


Monica said...

Your teacup will look great in a CQ block, Connie!

How long? Well, I have UFOs that are older than 10 years that I still have vague plans to finish. So when I do get around to them, it will be longer!

Elizabeth Braun said...

My longest projects were the dog thread painting, which took 3 years and 4 months on and off and the Chinese Junk cross stitch which took 2 years and 5 months on and off.

Having said that, those are ones I have finished. That pesky peacock feather was started back in late September 2008 and *still* isn't done, so that's over 5 years so far.... It isn't even a large piece, just boring!!

Shami Immanuel said...

very nice connie! I have a cross stitch project pending for more than five years and this year I have decided to completed it. let me see how it works.

margaret said...

a lovely piece that will work beautifully on your crazy blocks. I do not seem to put things away half way through, well when I was embroidering I didn`t now I am on the quilting path things might change as I have blocks I have done nothing with and other bits and pieces.

celkalee said...

Connie, this is beautiful. I am sure it would be stunning as a CQ block. In 1988 I had a friend who did the most perfect cross-stitch. We rode to work together 1 hour plus each way and spent our lunch hour stitching. I have two projects from that era still hanging around! One is a picture of a Victorian woman at her treadle sewing machine, about 1/2 done and the other is a needle book in Delft blues. Now you have inspired me to dig them out and work on them because I am in need of a portable project this week. Thanks for the idea!

Jillayne said...

Well, so far, the longest it has taken me is 21 years... I started a quilt for my Mom and Step-Father in 1991 and finished it last March - whew! I have a few projects that are that age still but not many - slowly, I am getting to the old ones. Thankfully, there aren't many!
I love your stitchery piece - it is a beautiful design!