Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watercolor Painting - problems with Masking Fluid - Call for Help!

My son and d-i-l were married in the Bahamas with a beautiful and serene setting.  They wanted me to do a painting of the setting for them which I was excited to do.  However, I ran into problems.  Does anything ever go smoothly?  I used masking fluid to protect the white areas and when I attempted to remove it by gently rubbing, it tore my 300 lb. wc paper.  There is a close-up of the damage below.

I have used masking fluid in the past but in small areas, with much success.  This is the first I have tried it in a larger area.  Any artists out there with suggestions?  I have the drawing all done on a fresh sheet of wc paper but I'm afraid to apply the fluid, but I don't know of an alternative other than being very careful and painting each area separately.


Amy said...

There is a mylar like material that can be cut and used as a masking agent. But if you are doing a wet on wet wash you have to be very careful that it does not seep below the mask.

Monica said...

All I really have for you is sympathy, Connie! You are a better watercolourist than I ever was. I also had trouble getting masking fluid to behave as expected. Maybe if you just used the fluid on the edges, instead of all over? Maybe the fluid needs to be thinned a little more or a little less?

You could try some experiments on other areas of this same paper, now that the damage is already done. Good luck!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I'm afraid I am absolutely no help, but hope you find the answer!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks for the input (and good wishes). I've never worked with the Mylar type material Amy. I have a friend who has used it for airbrushing. Monica, I had thought about using the fluid on the edges only and I think your idea of experimenting on the already damaged paper is very wise. MA, you're always there for me ;-)

Terri said...

Oh so sorry! I have unexpected results at times too that are frustrating. I am learning to make my first piece my experimental one and try to always do a second one! So I cheat! Lol! I am not a watercolorists so I don't have any hints for you, but I do have sympathy!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh NO Connie,
I've used masking fluid on many occasions but never had that happen. The material your refering to is caled Frisket film. I've used that alot too. Its really thin and can be cut with a craft knife to fit areas your working on. you may want to give that a try experimating as you go slowly, sorry thats all I have for you.
Good luck hon
hugs Lynn

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Yay! Problem solved. After asking around (a lot), one of the suggestions was that I was not letting the liquid mask dry long enough. The bottle warns not to leave it on too long, but no warning about taking it off too soon. I ended up purchasing a new bottle just to be safe and I also left it on longer before trying to remove it. This worked! I have now accomplished that on my actual painting with little problem and will share the completed painting soon.