Sunday, February 6, 2011

MIA - Busy Organizing

I was browsing through blogs I follow the other day and saw some crocheted hearts that caught my eye. Susan at Art of Mine had posted them. As I read the post I saw that she offered one of these charming little hearts to each of the first ten people to comment.

I was fortunate enough to be number two and so excited as well!

She not only sent the heart, but included a peace of "Bliss", an oval with a beautiful bird and a sweet heart-shaped tag. These were all neatly placed into a mesh pocket of this small pink pillow. What a wonderful presentation and such a sweet and generous gift. Thank you so much Susan! You made my day!

Here is the link to Susan's creative and inspiring blog...

I ran across a couple of sayings I had scribbled in a notebook and unfortunately failed to note the writer. If anyone out there knows who wrote these, I would love if you would let me know so I can credit them. I do apologize!

"Patience is trusting in God's timing"

"He who angers you controls you"

Sorry, I have been missing in action. As you can see on my other blog I have been busy organizing and setting up a new area to play in. I haven't gotten a lot of play time in yet, but going through all of my things, I am totally inspired and ready to dig back soon as the room is able to be navigated.

Have a great week!

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How strange I just found your site from sweet Susan's and then I come over here and your talking about her. Small world indeed.
Susan is a lovely person and I have really enjoyed getting to know her through here. We have even chatted on the phone which is really nice.
Looking forward to being one of your new of many followers and to getting to know you