Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Designed and Handmade Just for Fun

I decided today I would share a couple of my handmade items and another of my product designs with you. I took a short break from designing jewelry and put together these suncatchers using both new and recycled crystal beads, spacers and other miscellaneous beads. Crystals from old light fixtures were used as the drops. The crystals show wear and have slight imperfections and these suncatchers seem to breath new life into the crystals. I love these hanging in my window on a sunny day. It is just so uplifting to see the rainbows dancing throughout my room.

Below is one of my red hat inspired ideas that I designed for the company I worked for. This piece would work equally as well in any of your favorite colors. Most of it is wood, so it could easily be repainted. She was made to sit on the table or hang on the wall or a door. Her purse closure is a clip that could hold notes, reminders or even a postcard or a photo or two. In my studio she is currently hanging on to my safety glasses for me.

This last one may not be the fairest of them all, but she keeps me company. I made her in one of my all time favorite art classes--paper making. Her name is Minnie. She is very prim and proper and she never leaves the house without her makeup and jewelry. However, her eyesight isn't so great anymore, so she goes a little heavy on the blush, lipstick and eyeshadow. She loves wearing hats and this is her favorite. She wears it all the time...literally! She never says a negative word and always looks pleased to see me (although, between you and me, sometimes I think she isn't really listening when I try to talk to her). I hope one day you will get to meet her. Her boyfriend's name is Cecil. One day I hope he will become a better person and come spend more time with her. Right now he is just all wet and into himself, if you know what I mean.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Andrew Thornton said...

I love sun-catchers. Anything that will capture and hold light.

I once found a chandelier on the sidewalk. No one wanted it, except me. I am surprised that no one picked it up since there was a small mountain of crystals... but I washed and cleaned them and hung them up in my window. Little city-scapes of Brooklyn were captured in each of the crystals.

Thanks for bringing back that memory. I'm happy that you're finding joy in making them. (Oh! Have you seen Bee Season? If you're anything like me, you'll be desirous of her lair.)

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Wow Andrew! What a lucky find. One man's junk is another man's treasure as they say. It sounds like a treasure to me. You can never have too many crystals!

Fazemos de Conta said...

The suncatchers are really fantastic!
i love them!