Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Beading Challenge

I finally got the hang of the flat triangle stitch! Persistence pays off. I tore out the 'bad' stitches on the triangle I showed you previously and I ended up completing it to this stage. By the way, I don't recommend tearing out stitches. This stitch is pretty secure and it would almost be easier to start over, especially considering how little I had done. I've mentioned before though how I hate to quit. I thought about going on with it and turning it into an eyeglass case, but decided instead I needed to move on to my April challenge. I hope to share the new challenge with you this weekend. I didn't make the bag I had instructions to, but rather just went with the flow.

Here is a sneak peak as to what I have in mind for this little gem. I decided to line it to make it more functional so I pulled a coordinating fabric color from my stash. It is shown below. Below that are some buttons, one of which I will be incorporating into the finished piece as well.


Christina J. said...

I love it and the colors are very pretty! It looks like you definitely got that stitch down!

littlethings1 said...

Wow ! That looks like a lot of work ! But so beautiful ! Thanks for floowing my blog , I am now following yours ! Have a wonderful & creative day !

SharDon Exclusives said...

Lovely colors and it looks like a simplier pattern than the amulet purse. I lOVE it!