Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stained Glass Windows

One thing I like to dabble in is stained glass. I haven't completed a window in a few months, but thought I would post the last one, actually two, that I constructed. My son is a custom cabinet maker. He designed and built us this fabulous fireplace surround. It looks like one that you would find in an old Victorian mansion, but better. We bought him a lathe in exchange for some of the work and he designed and turned the posts on the mantle himself. These were the first ones he had ever turned. The family room always seemed a little lacking in light, so we had a couple of small windows installed on either side of this mantle. Below is a photo of the fireplace wall before the windows were installed.

Of course the basic windows looked pathetic next to the mantle, so I designed and constructed two identical windows to install over the otherwise plain windows. My son then framed them in matching trim. One of the finished panels is shown below. I have a window designed for my kitchen, above the sink, but I know it will be quite awhile before I will be able to get to that project.

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Christina J. said...

The stained glass is beautiful and so is the mantle! I've always wanted to do stained glass. Someday...

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