Saturday, February 27, 2010

March Beading Challenge - Triangle Weave

March is just around the corner! I went through my stash of saved magazine articles and bead patterns and finally decided on my challenge for March. I decided on the Triangle-Weave which was described as a new slant on right-angle weave. My article is from a June 1999 article in Bead & Button. According to the article, this weave was developed by Tina Czuba. I did a search on the Internet to see if she had a link for this pattern. I found a couple of sources which include:

I also found a link on Beading Daily, which I have mentioned in earlier posts as a great source for learning, inspiration and resourcing. This is the link to their tutorial for the stitch:

Searching through Google Images for 'Triangle Weave' I found several beautiful variations for this weave. It is amazing how learning a new stitch can lead to something totally unique. I am anxious to learn this stitch for incorporation into some future projects, doing my own thing.

I hope February has been a good month for all of you and that March will be even better! I for one finally found a second part-time job. I will now be able to put in a 40 hour week for the first time since I was let go from my design job in August of 2008 when the design department was eliminated. A full week will take some getting used to!

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