Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blue Flower Necklace

This necklace and earring set is my latest creation. I am a huge fan of abalone and irridized beads. The abalone square was taken from a pair of old earrings. The leaf shaped beads are new as is the amber colored crystal used in the center of the 'flower' formation I created using the leaf shaped beads. The irridized round and faceted beads were also salvaged from some old jewelry. This necklace came about when I was playing with the leaf beads for another project and I came up with the 'flower'. I knew I wanted to incorporate it into a design somehow, but wasn't quite sure how. I pulled all of the beads I felt enhanced or complimented the flower. When I was going through my box of larger brooches, pendants, etc. I spotted the abalone shell pieces. They went together beautifully, so I wired the flower onto the shell. I didn't want just a plain chain for the rest of it, so I started creating wire and bead links until I had a length I felt was appropriately proportioned. The two dangles on the shell were added for balance. Finally, incorporating some of the accent beads used in the necklace, I created the earrings. The necklace is about 19" long and has a 2" antique gold chain extension finished off with a matching bead, allowing the necklace to be worn longer. I have another abalone piece matching the one used in this necklace, so I will have to see how I can incorporate it into something different.

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