Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Beaded Knitting Tutorial

I have been struggling somewhat learning how to knit.  I learned how several years ago and started to make a scarf before I got bored with it because I was so slow, so I quit and never did finish the scarf.  Then I was on a trip and saw a belt that was knitted with a different kind of yarn.  A friend showed me how to do it and I did actually finish it.  Belts are much narrower and shorter than scarves which helped.  I'm not sure I would have finished it though had she not been right there to show me what I was doing wrong from time to time.  Thanks Kate.

Bead knitting is one of my goals for this year and I will hopefully do a bit of it for my April block (which may not actually get done until maybe May or later due to several factors).  I have been knitting a simple block, 30 loops, and go along fine until I get interrupted and forget whether I was on the knit or pearl row.  I am using 00 needles and #10 crochet thread.  I've dropped stitches, picked up extra loops, had gaps...you get the drift.  I'm not quite ready for the beads but hopefully soon.  I'm pretty determined this time.  The book has instructions for making knitted beaded bags that are very beautiful.  I still may not like knitting after all is said and done but I can't give up at this point.

I decided to check out my favorite resource - YouTube.  I found this beaded knitting tutorial but this is not at all the technique taught in the book I'm using.  I like the technique and thought you might too.

So, knitters, what do you think?  Worth a try?


Createology said...

This is quite an interesting way to add beads to knitting. My Grandma was the excellent knitter and I really struggle with knitting. I am better at crocheting which Grandma also did excellently. Good luck with your knitting and bead knitting. Creative Bliss...

Mosaic Magpie said...

I began making one of those little knitted/beaded bags a few years ago. The same tiny needles and crochet thread....now I am wondering where that project is hiding. It is good you started out knitting without the beads to get used to the knitting. Those needles and that crochet thread are not the easiest to work with. I found the thread's lack of stretch very tedious...that is why I gave up. Now you have encouraged me to find mine again. Knowing me I have torn it apart and used the beads for something else! LOL or taken it to the Goodwill. Thanks for the inspiration!