Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mini Block Round Robin Beginning

When I attended my first ever Crazy Quilt International CQ Retreat last fall in KC I also signed up for my first ever round robin.  There are five of us participating.  The rules are very general and about the only requirement is that the blocks be 2" to 3" for general size but any shape is acceptable.

What do you do with that small of a block?  Banner, broach, ornaments...  I am choosing to create a doll-sized fabric book oozing with lace and soft colors.  Above are my mini blocks which will make the rounds.  When they return to me four should be completed and one will remain for me to finish.  The following blocks will be the covers.  They are slightly larger and I will finish them when the others are complete also.  I'm waiting to see what I want to do with them until after I see what the others have done with the blocks.

This is the palette I've chosen for stitching.  I asked that they choose one pastel 'family' to stitch with for the block they decide to work on.  I love these colors.

Below are cropped close-ups of the blocks.

Block 1

Block 2 (there is no yellow here, it just photographed that way)

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Cover 1

Cover 2
I am super excited about this round robin, not only because it is my first and not only because it is a super nice group of ladies that I got to meet and get to know at the retreat, but also because I love small sized things as you know.  I also love lace, soft colors and lots of texture and I've seen the beautiful items the participants have made.

I sent mine off in November and received Lisa Boni's triangle shaped blocks.  I've finished hers and waiting to send it on January 15 at which time I will receive another group...Connie Kalina's I believe.

Here is what I did with Lisa's block:

I think it is OK to share it?  Someone needs to let me know if I shouldn't for some reason and I will remove it.  The naked blocks are shown in the photo she included and the block I worked on is directly next to the completed block I did.  I have to laugh because I am just not a planner.  I sketched out what I wanted to do and it didn't look anything at all like this!  There were deer and pine trees and, well, as you can see my muse took control.  I hope she likes it.  She wanted a wintry feel, icons (including birds, snowflakes, deer, pine etc.) and to stay in the green/white color family.


margaret said...

this is going to be interesting to see all the blocks and how thy come together, the first one you have stitched is lovely and very wintery

UrbanFrog said...

The blocks you made are wonderful - so pretty! And the work you did on the triangle is gorgeous!

Lisa Boni said...

Just Love it! It's just the kind of thing I had in mind!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

So glad you all like the blocks. I am so anxious to see how they all turn out and what each participant does to complete the project. Lisa, I am totally relieved you are happy with the block! You are such a beautiful stitcher I was nervous about starting out on your block. Whew!