Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Focus! Finishing Projects

My goodness this year is flying by!  At the beginning of each year I, like many of you, decide I am going to accomplish certain things, change some of my ways and enjoy many opportunities.  As I sit here today I realize it has been another 'oops' year.  I meant to finish this before I started that, I was going to (fill in the blank) take that class, get together with this old friend, spend more time...  Well, here it is the end of September and I find myself surrounded by more projects than I started with last January.  My inspirational word this year was "explore".  I have already chosen a new word for next year and my next year needs to start right now.  My new word is "focus".

Explore was actually a good choice for me.  In the photo above I explored more stitch combinations and also using complimentary colors for a project.  The heart was stitched and now I am looking into what to do with it.  I dug out some trims as shown.  I took the project to the fabric store also and found this purple denim that seemed to go color wise and also contrasted texturally.  I'm probably going to end up making a pillow.  What are your thoughts?

Above is a rack with jars that I purchased at a garage sale and cleaned up and painted.  I am trying different ideas for embellishing them.  I actually really like them used as a small photo display with just a touch of lace.  I also considering finding some cork stoppers for them rather than the wood lids they have now.  I can probably find another use for the lids later on.  See!  See how one project turns into more than one!

Remember my CQJP 2012?  I have been searching for the right lace to put between the blocks and finally ended up buying white lace and dyeing it.  It didn't turn out exactly the color I intended, but close enough I am putting this off no longer.

I am in the process of hand-stitching the lace in place.  I am stitching down the center of each row and will probably go back and tack the edges of each section after this.  I am working on it a little each day.  I have the backing and binding for the hanger already cut and ready to go as well as a rod to hang it on.  Focus Connie, focus!

Above are two necklaces I recently (almost) completed.  I am reinforcing the threads in the first one and need to purchase a clasp for the lower one in order to have them completed.

In the meantime, I have the tote, insulator, old brush and scrolls found in dad's tool shed and some lace pulling at me to make them pretty and functional again.  FOCUS!  Can you see why I've decided to start using next year's word now?  I admire anyone who can start and finish a project or two before moving on to the next.  Those people do exist don't they?  Please tell me it is possible.



Your Crazy Patchwork heart is truly beautiful..YOU are not alone.. I have many UFO but I just finish 2 of them in the last couple of week.. I still have many more to go.. Hugs Judy

Elizabeth Braun said...

Yes Connie, it's possible.=) It's a matter of that little thing that most of us need, but sadly lack - self discipline!LOL!!

Anyway, I like your idea of bringing your key word into play straight away. A new year seems like a good time for new starts, but really, as one of mottoes goes: The best time to start afresh is Right Now!

Good hunting!=)

margaret said...

wow to your 2012 CQ can`t wait to see it finished, the lace is so complimentary to the blocks.
A beautiful heart, it will look lovely as a pillow, Like you I seem to have bits and pieces (samples) of things that I never take to completion. Focus is good, I must start doing that and also I must start writing things down that I want to do as I forget half the time, blame the old age problem

Mosaic Magpie said... there is a concept, that I definitely need! What I want to know is why is the beginning of a project so much more exciting than seeing it finished??? It seems when we start the amount of work ahead should be daunting. When we are doing the project the end should be our goal....but somehow the excitement wears off and there are so many other wonderful things to create. Focus is a great word...keep focus on the task at hand and wear blinders to all the rest. I may need a blindfold with tiny pin dot holes!!!

celkalee said...

I think when we all look back, or at least most of us, our best intentions get side tracked! I have 12 quilts waiting for assembly and quilting, I am an expert of the non-focus mindset. Your heart is lovely, I agree, a pillow would be perfect.

Debra Spincic said...

What a great snapshot of your Family CQ. That piece is definitely worth finishing and enjoying. You are so close!

Createology said...

Looks like you will have many of these finished very soon. I do like your CQ heart and a pillow will be lovely. Your collage of CQ blocks is coming along nicely and will be such a treasure. Explore and Focus are excellent words of inspiration. Creative Bliss Dear as you cross the "Finish" line...

Riki Schumacher said...

HI there, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I really appreciate it. Love your work here, and I need to borrow your "word"...focus!

Have a fabulous week.

Anita said...

Your CQ 2012 is coming along beautifully,love the lace and I think the lace color (even though it's not what you'd wanted )goes well with the theme.
'Explore' and 'Focus' - what a lovely combo! Wish I could do that always without wandering off in the middle of the projects :)