Saturday, August 10, 2013

I'm Still Here - Updating

For those of you who may have noticed, I have been very delinquent with regards to posting...and about everything else.  I'm not sure where the time has gone.

I have managed to do some creative indulging but just haven't had a chance to photograph and post it until now.  I have a few lot of UFO's that have been calling out to me.  Here are a couple of my beaded necklaces recently completed...

This is a design I created.  There are a couple of changes I would make were I to redo this piece.  Of course I can't find the inspiration right now.  Maybe someday I will be organized so everything is at my fingertips.  The inspiration was a beautiful antique rendering of a Victorian style necklace.  It was quite different from this (much more refined) but with the same feel to it.  Below is a closeup. 

This next necklace is a color combination I really like - copper/brown and turquoise blue.

I started the base according to the instructions for the necklace pictured below.  Determined to use up what I have I 'tweaked' the completion of the necklace.

What else have I been doing.  Hmm.  

I have been stitching my CQJP 2013 blocks but need to see where I was on posting those and also photograph them.

I've been training for Ragbrai (Register's annual great bicycle ride across Iowa) and also participated.  It is the largest organized bicycle ride in the world with about 15,000 registered riders participating.  The ride this year was one of the easiest going only 400 plus miles.  The weather was fantastic, the wind at our backs and very pleasant.  It started in our hometown of Council Bluffs this year, so we had some people from Wisconsin and from Illinois stay with us the night before.  I wasn't able to finish as I took a turn too sharply, my foot was stuck in the cleats/pedal and I went down at the end of Thursday's ride.  I landed on my ribs and they were pretty painful for a few days.  I also put a dent in my helmet.  Always wear a helmet!  I have had more than enough accidents to know how important that is.  

Above is the group that stayed with us.

This is us with our riding companions.  I'm on the far right.

This is just a sampling of what the small towns of Iowa are faced with as we pass through.  It really is a fun time.  One of the shirts had on it "Ragbrai, Spring Break for Adults"  That pretty well sums it up.  Riders come from all over the world to participate.  I'm a people watcher, so I love to just observe all the costumes and activities.

One of my favorites this year.

My 89 year old mother moved into an apartment and I had no idea what was ahead.  For the last 4-5 months we have continually been moving things, going through the house to get ready for auction and sale of the house, making contacts and address updates, setting up insurances and utilities, and just helping her adjust.  I think it has its toll on all of us.  Love my brother and we have been able to work so well together on things.

The last big things I guess is the berry farm.  We planted about 700 more plants.  We have had a somewhat dry summer so we are back to watering plants.  We have also had what they refer to as Asian Beetles invade some of our plants and flowers.  Since we are growing 'organic' pesticides are not an option.  The plants are hanging in there.  

You can see here how dry the grass is becoming.  Below is an example of two plants near each other with one doing quite well and the other not showing much growth.

This is looking across the field.  Hopefully we will get some rain and nice weather soon to help give the plants a boost.

I have finally run out of chatter.  I have missed visiting with my blog friends and hope things slow down soon so I can catch up on all that you have been doing.  


Createology said...

Welcome back dear. Glad to hear you have been busy with life. Sorry to hear of your tumble and YES always wear a helmet. Your necklaces are gorgeous! Every state is having such strange weather and I hope your little orchard gets some rain soon. Great to hear from you...

margaret said...

two beautful necklaces such talent you have with the beads. Sorry about your spill from the bike, hope you are now fully recovered. sounds like hard work to me but have not sat on a bike for about 35 years.
Trust you aunt is settled in her new home, must be hard to move and lose so many of your posessions

ina said...

The necklaces are awesome.If you live in a tight knit community, you have so much things to do.Living in the countryside, there's always one work or another so blogging will take a backseat.It's the same here!

Monica said...

Gosh, you have been busy! I am glad you are well - there's nothing like a dented helmet to remind you of how important they are!

There's still a few weeks of summer left, I hope you enjoy them too!

Anita said...

Welcome back Connie ! Beautiful necklaces...I like the first one though.Sorry about your accident.Hope you are okay now.looks like you had fun apart from the accident..

scarlett clay said...

You really have had a LOT going on, glad your mom is settled nearby. So sorry to hear about your accident, hope you are on the mend now and able to get out and ride again soon! Your necklaces are gorgeous, the first one reminds me of something you would see worn on the Titanic, or somewhere in that era!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I have had you on my mind for weeks! I come over to see about you and here you have been riding bikes, growing berries, making necklaces and moving Grandma!!!! I signed up to have your blog posts emailed to me, so I can keep up with you! I don't think I can keep up really, but at least read about your escapades.