Friday, August 3, 2012

35 Different Stitches On A Single Block

Lots of photos following, so brace yourself.  I decided to do a CQ block - in pink, monochromatic (mostly) - using all of the stitches I have learned in TAST so far plus a couple of extras.  This is the resulting block.  Notice I did not use one single bead!  You have no idea how hard that was for me to avoid the temptation.  Really!

This is the naked block I started out with.

Close-up of the center floral motif.

First, let me point out I added some sheer floral printed fabric over a couple of the shiny sections.  This one is gathered slightly.  I left some of the satin show along the seam.

This is a little darker area from the sheer and is over a darker pink.  Again, the satin shows along the buttonhole stitch area.

I will list the stitches from top to bottom rows on each of the following close-ups.

Cretan, French knot, knotted Cretan, buttonhole wheel (1/2), chain, French knot, lazy daisy/detached chain:

French knot, Herringbone (both light pink and dark pink rows), Algerian Eyelet, fern leaf:

This is kind of mixed up, but there are SRE petal stitch flowers, lazy daisy flowers, French knots, bullion rose and stitch, stem stitch rose and stem stitch, spider web rose:

Web is straight stitch with couched connections; spider is whipped wheel with a little satin stitching over body and straight stitch for extending legs:

Basque, scroll stitch, butterfly chain, French knots and lazy daisy (detached chains), straight stitch, up and down buttonhole:

(From left to right in pie-shaped section) - French knot, buttonhole wheel (1/4), lazy daisy, straight stitch, French knot, running stitch, crossed buttonhole, bonnet:

(butterfly) satin stitch, chain stitch, Fly 'Y' stitch; (below butterfly and in no particular order) French knots, wheat ear, straight, lazy daisy, feather stitch (bottom):

Wheat ear, back stitch: (lace is added)

Barred chain, half chevron, oyster, chain, buttonhole:

Chain (3 rows), zig zag chain, Palestrina, cable chain, Chevron:

There!  I think that should be at least 35 unless I left out a seam somewhere.  I you don't get close to the same count, let me know.  This was so much fun and I will likely do it again, using my tags for reference.


Lovey said...

Absolute beauty... Hand stitched wow!!!!!

Createology said...

This is the most beautiful CQ sampler block I have ever seen! The pink is absolutely heavenly. I am swooning over your labor of lovely stitches. Blissful Joyful Stitching...

Cyra said...

Oh Connie, I totally agree with everything "Creatology" said above.
What a wonderful CQ block to create.
On the second from last photo I spot a Half-Chevron row that you haven't mentioned in your list.

Suztats said...

This is gorgeous, Connie!! Such beautiful stitching, and the block has a wonderfully feminine feeling. Lovely.
Now, I'm wondering if it's for someone or something special....?

Cathy said...

Oh wow!! Your block is incredible! IMHO, it deserves a shout -out from Sharon B!! Hugs, Cathy

Laurie said...

Wow!! Stunning Connie! Love love the pinks, and the stitches you used are beautiful!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Absolutely stunning! Pink isn't my favourite colour, but I think, after seeing this, I might have to change my mind!

Anita said...

This block is so beautiful.i like the colour scheme,SRE and the way you've used the stitches.well done!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments. This block was an enjoyable project and I will likely do more using what I've learned through TAST. It has definitely broadened my knowledge base and there is still more to come. Who knew!

scarlett clay said...

Amazing..all the tiny designs, all the various stitches, it's really fantastic Connie!

Marjolein said...

Pretty pinks. I like your idea of adding a sheer fabric on top of that shiny one. I could do this on my pink quilt.

Marjolein said...

Thank you for listing all those stitches.

Anonymous said...

I saw your block pinned, and was intrigued by that seam on the upper left of the sre center. It is so gorgeous.

celkalee said...

I don't want to sound like an echo but this is beautiful work. Your embroidery skills are lovely. Thank you so much for sharing. It inspires.