Friday, June 29, 2012

Block 6 - Hester Home

The block I stitched this month (June) is actually my April block.  The birthstone is Diamond, so I have happily added some sparkle (but not real diamonds).

This is its humble beginnings.  The center of the block is silver and white and I placed it in the 'diamond' angle and not square.  The image of the house is from a watercolor painting I did.  I had also used this same painting for a blue and white heart pillow I made for my mother one Christmas.  She grew up in this house.  My grandmother loved this home and also loved yellow roses.  She had parakeets that she talked to daily as well as many stray outdoor cats and a dog she cherished.

My first version (below) had a silver butterfly. but then I found the diamond/rhinestone quill broken brooch which I really admired and wanted to use.

The butterfly was a large earring and I'm sure I will find another use for it.  I just love the sparkle from the quill.

The April flower is the Daisy, so I added a few in the corner using silk ribbon for petals and French knots in the center using embroidery floss.

A rhinestone button was added along with a sweet key to a jewelry box.  This home is a jewel in my mind, so this key is appropriate.  You will remember I used the actual key to this house on last months block.

I stitched a diamond shape in the middle using silver metallic thread.  Sorry, no diamond ribbon.  The colors for the month of April ar pink and purple, so that helped decide the ribbon color and small lavender flowers were also added for color.

I have the original receipt for supplies purchased to build this home by my great grandfather.  I doubt he had any idea how much someone down the line in his family tree would value such a receipt. 

I have so many fond memories from times spent in this house and it will always have a special place in my heart.  Do you have memories from your childhood of a special place full of love?  This house still stands, but it has been modernized inside from what I understand.  You can't go back.


Anonymous said...

I most certainly have memories of the childhood farm house I grew up in....and no matter what might change physically in that place one will ever change my memories!!!! near and dear to my heart.

your work is exquisite! all the details..and the layers of meaning. well done. thanks for sharing.

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Suztats said...

This is a gorgeous block, Connie! I love the quill, and think it adds a nice bit of 'diamond' bling as well as movement, with the eye following its shape. Lovely stitching, and a nice design.
Question: did you print a copy of the receipt on fabric to add to your block? It looks great.

margaret said...

a delightful block Connie so many things I like about it and so delicate. Am just learning so find looking at yours and others blocks very helpful

Mánya said...

This is one breathtakingly gorgeous block, dear Connie! So many beautiful details, love all of them.

Debra Spincic said...

So well done and so evocative of a time gone--beautiful, Connie!

ina said...

This is indeed gorgeous.I love the key !

Judy S. said...

Beautiful block, Connie. I'd love to see all of them together sometime. We're going to miss you in our Tuesday group!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think I like this one best of all Connie (but I think I've said that with every one!). Having that receipt is a blessing - and a treasure.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Connie,

I have come to visit you here to gain some knowledge in CQ as I will be taking a class soon with Pat Winter, with the Artful Gathering group. I have never attempetd to CQ,before but I have longed to learn.
I think your "Block" is so beautiful...If I can do 1/4 of the type of work you do I will be overjoyed!!!

Blessings always,


Anita said...

Beautiful block with so many fond memories! Love the key and butterfly.

Lynn Stevens said...

Stunning doesn't even begin to describe your piece! Its Gorgeous!
hugs Lynn