Friday, March 23, 2012

Pinterest Concerns and Easter Baskets, Oh My!

These are some little Easter baskets my granddaughters created when they spent the day with me last Friday. I didn't have any grass, so we put tissue paper inside and the twins decided to place feathers inside as well. This idea came from Scarlett at BluePurpleandScarlett who also shared the how to for the Easter bunnies they created shown on this POST.

These little baskets were made using ordinary, inexpensive dessert size paper plates.

Now, on to Pinterest issues!

My friend Deb at shared a link I would like to pass on to you. Katherine Tyrrell posts helpful information on how to find your images that have been posted on Pinterest, how to get them removed and how to require permission from anyone wishing to post one of your images. If you don't care, simply ignore this. If you have concerns as I do as to where your images are ending up, if you are credited with the artwork and how it is being used, you might want to see what she has to say. I think Pinterest is great for good honest creatives who just want the inspiration, but unfortunately there may be others out there using your work in ways you are likely unaware of. Here is Katherine's LINK or you can type this in your box to find it:

I don't mind sharing my work with someone personally when asked, but I feel it is important to maintain some control over it. I simply want the consideration of being asked and having the option to share or not. I want to know where and how it is being used. I very much like the concept of Pinterest, but have not started my own Pinterest boards because of my concerns. Remember too it is not just artwork and script that is being pinned, it may be images or information of and about your family, grandchildren, etc. One can never be too careful these days!

I will get off my soapbox now (giggle). Enjoy your weekend!


Debra Dixon said...

I think the minute you share something on the internet, you run the risk of having it stolen. The simple solution is not to post it.

There was a big controversy on etsy where several of the artists found their artwork copied verbatim and being sold at Anthropologie. Apparently an asian company lifted the ideas, copied them and marketed them. I believe one of the artists took them to court and won.
There is also the famous quilting case where a quilter's designs were turned into carpeting for the Hilton. She also won her court case. It's a tricky business out there -- stealing and copying. But, I believe it happens more than we like to realize.

Elizabeth Braun said...

I found a pageful of stuff pinned from my blog and have had Pinterest remove every last bit of it with Katherine's advice.=) I've also followed her advice so that my blog and Flckr accounts disallow pinning.

The problem, as I see it, here is that people are NOT to pin stuff that they don't own the copyright to or have permission from the copyright owner to post. Someone estimated that 99% of pinned stuff could well violate that! As all my stuff is copyright and I was never asked about using anything, the pinner was breaking the law using it.

I can't see that site not getting into BIG trouble soon with a problem of that scale! The main trouble, of course, is that most users won't have looked at the Terms and Conditions and honestly thought they could re-post others' stuff as long as they gave credit for it.

Blondie's Journal said...

The Easter baskets are precious, Connie. What a fun project to do with the little ones!

I don't do Pinterest but your advice sounds good. I wish I had the time but I am lucky that I follow a lot of creative blogs that inspire me nonetheless!

Have a wonderful weekend!


scarlett clay said...

Yay! Those baskets turned out super cute, I like the larger size a lot, too.

I'm not sure what to think about this Pinterest issue...honestly, about %80 percent of my views every day are from Pinterest. I like the fact that my site is getting more exposure that way, especially so more people may become aware of my son's disorder and perhaps click over to my shop for research. But I can understand the concerns, too. One concern I'm having right now is that the links are no longer 'clean', by that I mean when I click and see what someone was looking at to get to my blog,often, it's just someone's board or something not related to my blog at all (?) I don't understand why this is happening. In the beginning, I could click on an incoming link and see exactly what project the pinner was looking at. I'm going to have to give this a lot of thought, Connie, thanks for the information!