Saturday, February 4, 2012

TAST - Herringbone Stitch

Blah! That's how I'm feeling today...all week. It is dreary out and a cold front with lots of snow is moving in, so I can't get a very good photo. To top it off we went to have our taxes figured and to check on some health insurance costs. Blah! As you can see on my tag not a lot of energy has gone into the stitch this week, but I did it. I used it in different ways than I normally do and may pick it up at a later date and experiment even more in the remaining space. (I keep wondering how I will possibly fill a tag with the French knots!)

It started off alright. I was pleased with the square to the left of the stitch name until I noticed in the photo I had made a couple of glaring mistakes. No big deal since this is a play and learn process. I was quite pleased with the trees and they were actually fun to do. Is there a stitch you can't use to create a tree?

I chose red and purple for my colors because I find the combination quite pleasing especially in a print fabric. I was also hoping the bright colors would lift my rainy day spirit a bit. When I looked at it in my bundle however I immediately thought of 'Red Hat Society'! I was tempted to play that up, but in the end resisted the urge.

It was nice to use two such vibrant colors. When using a warm color (red) and a cool color (purple) together, the warm color visually looks closer and the cool color tends to recede.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Red & purple are two favourites of mine too and I often end up wearing purple and then add my red coat and red gloves - and I don't belong to the Red Hats!!

Angela Grasse said...

The trees are so clever!!!