Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TAST - Chain Stitch - week 8

I am starting to work on the week 9 stitched tag and realized I hadn't yet post week 8, so here it is. Week 7 was the Detached Chain which was a good segway into this week's Chain Stitch. Of course I had to add a tree. I didn't add any rick rack this week, but did create a band through the center. This stitch works great for monograms. I actually did this one freehand and without preplanning, so you can see how manageable this stitch is.

Another name for this stitch is Tambour. The colors I used are actually navy and white. I used a white and a navy thread together on the word 'chain' and on the outer chains of the center band. It was a very overcast day when I photographed the tag, so the colors aren't very accurate.


MosaicMagpie said...

Nice stitchin' girlie. I am proud of you for keeping up, me...woefully behind!

Jane said...

You know I've been behind on blog reading so I have missed the other tags but I really love the idea of the stitched tags. I embroidered a very small piece in January. I was spending long nights sitting with Bruce and decided I would try my hand at embroidery again (I had not embroidered in years). I had to get on the internet and google embroidery stitches to remind myself of the stitches. I ended up embroidering a heart sampler. My stitches weren't the best but it was fun getting out the needle and thread again.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Chain stitch is one of my favourites!

Lynn Stevens said...

Someday when I have more time doing crazy quilts is on my must do bucket list! Awesome
hugs Lynn

Susan Shufelt said...

Just wanted to drop you a quick note. I found a neat little webpage that has beading patterns that look like lace for your BJP. You might want to check it out. Its at mybeading.wordpress.com/2011/108/02/beaded-jewerlly (not sure if the last part was copied correctly) I may even use some of the stitches on my current crazy quilt. Well I hope it something you can use.