Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Planning My CQJP 2012 Year

I pretty much have my January and February blocks done for CQJP 2012. I decided to lay out my blocks, materials and photos to see what I am missing and to sort things out in my mind. I still have one of my college thesis paintings to photograph so I can size it down and turn it into a sepia tone. It happens to be the home I grew up in, so I have to have it! I had given the painting to my brother, so I need to go visit him so I can photograph it.

I have no real solid plan for the blocks other than using six homes from my past that I have painted, along with a companion block for each with photos of those who lived in the homes. I've titled the collection 'Keys to My Past' which is the same title as a series of watercolor paintings I have begun. Like my series of paintings, the blocks will have skeleton keys added to the design. My senior thesis paintings were entitled 'Portals to the Past'. I am also making the primary color of each block the color of birthstone or flower for the month. My block completed in January is actually the September/sapphire color; my current block is for October which is pink tourmaline or opal. I will probably do January next since I have most of what I will need for that block.

I was advised is going to shut down soon, so I have been frantically trying to get my photos imported and changed to sepia tones. I want them all to be in the same sepia color range and picnik was my site for altering them. They don't look the same in the above photo because I printed several onto typing paper using my old printer in order to audition the photos on the blocks. I will figure out exactly which images and the size I need in this manner. That will save me both expensive printer ink and printable fabric sheets.

By the end of the year I hope to be finished and able to show you everything together. That seems so far away, but I know it will go quickly!


scarlett clay said...

Connie, I love coming to your blog so much because you are always working on amazing projects..this one is meaningful in so many ways. And don't panic about picnik, they have transferred all of those basic edits over to Google +, you'll still be able to change your photos to sepia super quick and easy! :)

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

I love the way you have laid everything out.