Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last Two Hangings and Ready To Begin Anew.

Just finished the last two hangings that I have in the works.

I am pretty pleased with how this one turned out. Notice the blue beaded fringe? Yes, that is the missing fringe I finally found.

Unfortunately I can only give you a sneak peak at the final one. I don't want to spoil the surprise since this is to be a gift.

Unfortunately the photo above is a little fuzzy, but I wanted to share the Christmas tree I stitched. A couple of branches were showing on the postcard, but I wanted to add more. Below is how I started the tree, with a simple feather stitch.

I then used some Setacolor fabric paint to fill in the shape some, followed by the lazy daisy stitches placed randomly throughout using a mix of dark and light green embroidery floss. The photo below shows the start of this while the fuzzy photo above shows the tree stitching completed.

Also, as you can see in the photo immediately above as part of the postcard, there are a couple of candles that glow. In Victorian times Christmas trees were decorated with real candles. I continued the glowing candles with a straight stitch for the candle and sequins for the effect of a glowing candle flame. The tree is topped with a crystal star that really sparkles.

My next project (not another hanging) is all planned and laid out in my studio. Hopefully it will go fairly quickly.

What are you all working on? Are you getting ready for craft shows? I am curious how traffic has been at the shows? There is a big push to support small local businesses here in the U.S.A. I hope it has been catching on, helping those of you that create and sell your wares locally. It is so difficult to compete with big companies. I have a few pieces in a local gift shop, but don't sell enough to make a living (although I would love to). Have Etsy and other similar online shops been doing about the same rate of sales for you? ...better? ...slower? I am debating whether to try attempting that so I would love to hear your feedback.


Anonymous said...

Connie....... your wallhangings are absolutely GORGEOUS. The attention to detail, your embroidery skill, and the trims and embellishments are so pretty. YES, sell them on Etsy. You'll have to make tons to keep up the demand!
Thanks for sharing with us. They are a treat for the eyes!


Blondie's Journal said...

Your work is incredibly beautiful, Connie. The tree is precious!! I'm happy you found your fringe, it's pretty!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Glad you found the lost fringe - it was worth hunting for! I really can't help you much with the question about Etsy. I've bought a few things but haven't tried to sell anything. I did the craft show route a few years ago but gave that up when I continually heard people commenting that they could make the same thing for less. Of course they could, but doesn't the creator need to make a little money? When people started taking pictures of my work to use for reference, I drew the line.

scarlett clay said...

Hi Connie! I think I got it to work finally! Or maybe my computer is getting into the holiday spirit! lol--These are so gorgeous, I love the details. The vintage image of the children with the tree is so lovely-your combination of elements go together so well! Love it!!