Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paper Banner and Ribbon Lanyards

I had a short day at work today and the sun is finally shining here, so I was able to get in a nice bike ride. It feels good to get outside in the fresh air. We have had a cool and rainy spring so far, but I must add that I feel very fortunate not to be dealing with all the storms and other tragic occurrences around us. It serves to remind us to enjoy what we have when we have the chance.

I finished painting my kitchen and just picked up two more gallons so I can start on the family room. This is a set of plates I display in my kitchen. I love roses and these treasures were purchased at a garage sale quite a while back.

I also did my first 'paper crafting' project. It's a mini banner. I scanned some tiny roses I had painted, drew triangles and added the letters to it in Freehand and then printed it onto some card stock paper. Next I cut each triangle out and punched holes on two corners, and used stamping ink along the edges to age it. I strung string through the holes and there you have it. It is a mini banner that went to a bloggy friend who makes miniatures. Hint: She is 'sassy'.

Here is something else I have been playing with. Ribbon lanyards. They are quite fun to do. I may try to do a tutorial for those of you that have never made these. They would make great trim on a pocket, collar, CQ block - the list goes on and on. The one on the left is made with two ribbons. I held the narrower ribbon in place as I proceeded. I think the complementary red and green worked up nicely together.

In the first image you can see both sides of the teal ribbon. I just did a short section of the red and green ribbon to see how it would work out. Below is the underside of that one. I would have a hard time deciding which side to use.

Tomorrow evening I will be posting something else I have been working on these past few days (or has it been weeks?), so please check back!


Sassy Marsha said...

OMG, those letters are done ion freehand! You are beyond talented, Connie!! I LOVE my banner. I need to take a picture of it but everytime I do it doesn't come out very good, it's my photo taking NOT the banner!!! Those lanyards are fab and your dishes are so pretty!!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

SASSY tee hee

Blondie's Journal said...

Hooray for you for getting outside in the fresh air. I had been complaining about our rainy weather until I read this morning about the devastation in the South. We really need to count our blessings.

Your banner is beautiful...I have often wanted to make one. You have really inspired me now! It's beautiful.

Good luck with your painting...I love the rose dishes!


Jillian;s Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Fresh air is always good! The plates are great and even better, found at a garage sale.

Kim B said...

Pretty plates and love all your handiwork. I hope you have a great Friday! Hugs, Kim

MosaicMagpie said...

Love the plates! Even better where you found them. The lanyards are great.

Anonymous said...

Love the banner and the folded ribbons! So pretty! I kinda remember folding gum wrappers like that when I was younger. hmmmmm

Joggles is wonderful and sorry to 'tempt' you....but I am smitten with them. Ribbon embroidery, wool felt, and tons of items to keep you inspired. Great shipping prices and fast delivery.

Glad you were able to get some biking in. Not so here....the wind is still whipping! But rather that than tornadoes. They were north of where our daughter lives but they are ok.

Love the wall color, by the way. Soft and sweet.

Oh, we were in Summit yesterday and the bike path is covered with snow. Breck/Frisco/Copper had over 350" of snow this season and Vail 500". I think the path will be 'under' for a few more weeks!

Have a good weekend.


Annesphamily said...

Connie I love your cameo bracelet. Tell me more! I love cameos and my late aunt use to collect them. I was blessed she gave me a set because all of her jewelry disappeared after her deathe! :( Made me so sad! Hugs to you!