Sunday, November 28, 2010

Completed Fall Crazy Quilt Block Pillow

When I started on this block I had no idea where I was going with it other than wanting it to look rich and embellished. This is the block before any stitching was added.

This is what I thought was the completed block. Of course I can't stop myself sometimes. I decided to extend the height so it would be more of a square pillow. I was going to add a piece at the bottom but decided to add to the top instead.

Of course this lead to more stitching because of the added seams. To balance the detail I added more to the bottom part...then the top needed more...then I learned a couple of new stitches to incorporate and decided to fix some areas...then I decided to make the wheat on the side look more like wheat...then it needed more buttons...then the date...finally, I added my initials. Below is the completed pillow. CQ project 2 (even though 1 isn't framed yet and, therefore, technically not done)!

This is the back of the pillow...

Details shown here. I did add a little 'stuffing' behind the face area. It had stretched and wouldn't lay right. You can't really tell except now she isn't wrinkled. Maybe I need a little stuffing to get rid of the wrinkles ~ lol.

Going to try to complete some more UFOs now!


Anonymous said...

GEORGEOUS! Love all the details you used to make it so special. You've mastered the CQ and now I expect you to write a book!!!! :)

Really, it is just so pretty. You should be very proud!

Oh, and if that stuffing works for wrinkles, please let me know. I just spent a fortune on 'magic potions' for MY wrinkles. :(


Ati. said...

You did a wonderful job here. Beautiful CQ !!

Anonymous said...

Yes very nice indeed love the colors.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Beautiful!! I love the colours you've chosen and the wheat is stunning. Love it!!!!

Magic Gypsy said...

This is beautiful, the colours are delightful - what a treasure!

Anonymous said...

Just stunning! I love the rich color and texture. My favorite so far!

Pretty Things said...

That is just GORGEOUS!

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh my....Connie,,,it is simply elegant! I love the wheat!
Merry Christmas!

Marlene said...

This is gorgeous Connie, you are an amazing artist.