Monday, October 4, 2010

Never Throw Anything Away and Use What You Have

I just had to post this because I am laughing at myself. I was so excited when I started crazy quilting. I thought it was the perfect way to use up my scraps of fabric, yarns, last bits of beads, ribbon pcs, get the picture. I decided I wanted to try an all ivory/white crazy quilt and embellish it with navy blue. I love blue and white toille and could envision the crazy quilt looking so pretty with that color combo. So, I dig through my stash of fabrics. I have enough of all the right colors, but most of what I had was the wrong weight. It was either too thin so that the dark threads underneath would show, too heavy so the seams wouldn't lay flat and would be bulky, or were just a shade off. Long story, short form: I just got back from the fabric store. That's all I have to say about that ~ lol! I'll start piecing together tomorrow. Again, you get the picture.

Is there anyone else out there like me? OK...that admits they are like me? Uh oh. I just remembered I'm almost out of white thread! I can't go back!!!


agypsyangel said...

Oh I understand completely :) I bet your found some great new things though and I hope your remember the white thread :)

MosaicMagpie said...

Now that is exactly how I felt. What a great way to use all these fabric bits I have been saving. I guess I will save them for something else, cause Sister, I am in the same boat as you.

Bella said...

Hi Connie... Wow I was just enjoying your last post!! Beautiful! I knew just where todays story was going:-) I made (almost complete ) a dark heavy victorian crazy quilt 15 (wow time flys) years ago... shopping shopping and more shopping... so many preety things to add!! Boy does my quilt weigh a ton, I always joke it's for power outages:-))

shirley said...

Hi Connie, Just want to say thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. it is always nice to discover new cyber friends.

Your crazy quilting and embellishing is amazing your work is so beautiful. I will look forward to seeing more.