Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Putting Things into Perspective

I always thought red-winged blackbirds were so pretty with their shiny black coats and bright dash of red on each wing...

until I met up with Jasper. Well, let me tell you about this red-winged black bird in particular. I call him Jasper because what I want to call him wouldn't be nice. Jasper sits at a particular corner along the highway on my usual bicycle route. He has done this for years. Same corner, every day, just waiting for some innocent bicyclist to come along. Normally he just squawks a little and makes a lame pass overhead. I was out on my usual route this evening enjoying the nice weather and my alone time, just thinking about little nothings. I have had a lot going on lately and today one of the offices I work at is being relocated. Everything is boxed up, but it's a law office and things have to get done and deadlines met, so I worked in chaos this week and have been a little stressed anyway wondering if I was included in the move or if I would be back on unemployment. So as I said, I am enjoying my much needed stress free ride and was kind of in my own little world. Along comes Jasper! Only tonight it is Jasper on steroids! Apparently he had been having a bad day too. He was uttering some very 'unfriendly' tweets at me and dive bombing at the same time. I think his goal was to run me out into the highway and be done with me. It's so bizarre. I knew he was hovering closely overhead for quite a distance because I could hear him and see his shadow cast within a few inches of my own. I tried to explain to him on numerous occasions before that I could care less about whatever little treasures he was protecting, but alas to no avail. I had to go quite a distance before he finally backed off. I did manage to get home safely however despite my terrifying experience.

OK, I may have exaggerated my story just a little, but sometimes things seem so much worse at the time than they actually are and one has to step back and look at the positive rather than dwelling on the negative. Jasper is just a little bird and couldn't really do much more to me than sound off and scold me. Now with my new perspective I realize he must be a good protector of his nest or family and felt I was a threat (he obviously isn't rational).

Have a good finish to your week everyone!


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Connie ~
Thank you for stopping by my blog ~

Oh my goodness your work is just beautiful !!


Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely blog, I saw some of you old posting, your jewelry are really pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say Hello!

In the Light of the Moon said...

Im so happy for you new takes me a good couple of days before I can look at the positive side of a bad moment in time...well perhaps not that long..but still.

Then again,having his wings fluttering behind you..sounds kinda nice.( :

Big Hugs-Cat

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Connie! Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. Your post is all posted and I came over to say thank you! My email link is probably in my profile. I should have my daughter put it on my blog somewhere. But all my posts go to my email once I approve them anyway.

I'm off to the antique store in a little while to get those tall old shutters for my doilies!

Love your studio! So, clean, bright, uncluttered and efficient!


Jodene Shaw said...

Connie...I am visiting your studio...thanks for visiting mine and making such kind comments on my wildflower photographs. I had to stop and read about the red-winged blackbird because I am always stopped by a bird-story. That was hilarious! I loved it! Thanks for sharing!
~jodi shaw