Friday, May 21, 2010

Keys to the Past Watercolor Painting

I just completed my second watercolor painting for my 'Keys to My Past' series. This is a painting of the SS Fulda ship. My great grandparents came to the USA on this ship from Germany together. They arrived in New York on October 16, 1888 (the date shown on the banner at the bottom of the painting). They were married March 6, 1889.

On the ship I placed the US flag at the front of the ship and their German flag at the back to symbolize their leaving Germany and going to the US. Of course the skeleton key will be a part of all my paintings in this series. Their names are painted in on either side of the banner although Sophie was not yet a Vitters at this time of their travels.

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The Rustic Victorian said...

Wow...pure Genius! The key is Perfection!