Saturday, March 20, 2010

March Challenge - Flat Triangle Weave

I have to confess that I struggled with this weave. I decided not to do the small amulet bag, but to just learn the weave. I finally have it figured out now, but I felt like all thumbs when I began. I like the appearance of this weave, but it is not one of my favorite stitches to do at this point. I began by pulling the materials I would be using for the project, gathering them on a tray. I wanted to work on this in the house when I could find a few minutes (before work, while watching TV, etc.) rather than in my studio. The tray allowed me to move around from area to area easily and I could work directly on the tray, setting it on my lap as I worked. I had a few spare beads I had purchased at a garage sale that I wanted to use. I decided to create a variegated pink pattern but using the same color seed beads throughout.

My progress is shown below. My mistakes are also clearly visible. I began in the upper left side of this triangle. You can see by looking at the seed bead circles that by the end of the second row I finally had the stitch figured out. What I learned (besides the need to follow the directions) is that each bugle bead has a seed bead at each end and that you should only thread through to the seed beads right next to each other and not cross 'the circle' to another seed bead. I hope that makes sense.

Being one to never give up, I have now torn out the top couple of rows in order to re-do them. Honestly, I would probably have been ahead by just starting over, but I have a hard time admitting defeat. Let me know if you have done this stitch before and/or what you think of it. I'm hoping to be able to show you something a little more interesting using this stitch in a later post, but don't hold your breath. It could be awhile.


In the Light of the Moon said...

Wow this is really beautiful and I see all the work involved in creating such a beauty..Its amazing how we each examine our own creation with a critical eye..becasue it is lovely to me( : Sadly I have no experience with this to share.Warmest Regards,Cat

Anonymous said...

Hi Connie,

It's Tina (formerly Czuba) Meegan! I'm glad you stuck with the stitch. I know what you're saying about being careful not to "cross over" the circular spaces between triangles. I did that a few times, too, and it messes the whole thing up- LOL!

I just always try to remember when I first learned right-angle-weave (from NanC Meinhardt, no less...) that you NEVER go straight through from bead to bead, but rather ALWAYS make a right-angle turn... So, if anyone working on triangle weave with my original pattern will just remember that the sets of seed-bugle-seed should always be treated as one unit and never be broken up, that should help.

I hope that helps out any beaders attempting this stitch- stick with it, you'll get the hang of it- and enjoy!

All the best,
~Tina =]