Friday, February 12, 2010

Fiber and Bead Weaving

I don't know about you, but I am always inspired by books and by learning new techniques from other artists. Several months (or maybe it was years) back I picked up a book called Beads and Threads by Diane Fitzgerald and Helen Banes. They have created the most beautiful pieces weaving a combination of beads and various colors of threads. I wanted to learn and see more, and found another book called Fiber & Bead Jewelry by Helen Banes with Sally Banes. Although there are patterns in the book, I always like to do my own thing, so I found some beads that inspired my fiber color choices. Following their instructions, I created my first piece. My work is pretty basic compared to the beautiful pieces they have in their books, but I still enjoy mine and wear it proudly. Below is a photo of my first fiber and bead necklace. Even if you don't want to try this technique, the color combinations used by these artists are amazing and bound to inspire you!

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Marlaine said...

Interesting combination of weaving and beads.