Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a little late with these, but photographed them while I had them up and meant to post them sooner. They are definitely not the best photos, but I think you can tell what the items are. These are a couple more of the product designs I have done, a yard stake and a candelier. The webs are supposed to be there by the way. These were kind of fun to design, mixing Halloween with a bit of Victorian scroll. They are also easy to store. The yard stake separates in two places and the candelier folds flat for storage.

I usually have the candelier hanging from a chain in my sun room, but decided to hang in near my front door. I had a different candelier full of crystals hanging in my sun room and have been enjoying it so much this year that I wasn't ready to take it down yet.

I think the candeliers are great because you can put them pretty much anywhere you like and don't have to worry about wiring or cords.

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Ivan said...

Great stake sign and candeliers (did you make up that word?)