Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Watercolor Painting of Family Home

I have done several drawings and paintings of my grandparents home near Modale, Iowa. This one is my most recent. Grandma loved yellow roses and birds. I always loved the house. It was built by my great grandfather who came here from England. There were two side-by-side entry doors on the back porch (to the left), one led to the kitchen and the other into the dining room. The one leading into the dining room was eventually closed off by my grandparents when they put siding on the house. The kitchen and dining room had pass through cabinets so that when you finished washing the dishes you would put them into the cupboard and when you set the dining room table the dishes were right there. Of course, as kids it was always fun to look and talk back and forth through them. Getting indoor plumbing in the early 50s was the highlight for them.

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