Friday, September 18, 2009

By a Quiet Stream

Above is one of my more recent paintings. It encompasses all that I delight in painting - scrolls, roses, and old homes/landscapes. The photograph above is a photo of an old abandoned home on a ranch in Missouri. I took the photo years ago with plans to someday do a painting of it. As you can see in the painting I have included the house by a quiet stream. As I have said before, I draw inspiration from old post cards and ephemera. The inspiration for this painting happened to come from my grandmothers school card dated 1905, shown to the right of my painting. I added the scrolls at the base and my favorite flowers, roses, to complete this painting. Please respect that all of these images are all copyrighted.

1 comment:

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh my,,I love this piece, beyond genius, love, love, love! At first I thought it was ephemera, untill I read,,what a creative person, very impressive and inspirational.
I see you have the Bible on the side..kewl.