Friday, June 15, 2012

June Growth

I decided to share some photos from my world today.  This first one was taken at the farm where I was raised and which is still owned by my mother.  The old windmill is no longer hooked up, but appears to be in really good condition and still spins.  I remember going out there with dad to check on things when the water pressure was low or quit running.  We actually had two windmills on the farm but this is the only one remaining.  Many windmills on farms around here have been removed or are beyond repair.  I just love the look of them, much better than the new giant white monsters they put up now.  As my cousin in Germany said, "they disturb the landscape".

These Boston Ferns are one of my favorite plants.  They do really well in the summer here with our hot weather and humidity, but not so well in the dry house during the winter months.  I have them hanging on an old yoke from the farm.  I love the look.

It is only June, but my lilacs and peonies and iris are already spent.  The hollyhocks are in full bloom.  I have the old fashioned variety with single petals on the flowers.  They remind me of the farmhouse where I grew up.  We always had a stand of them by the water pump just outside the porch door which was off the kitchen.  I used to pretend like the flowers were fairy skirts.

My volunteer tomato is really getting tall now and has some blossoms.  Something has eaten the tips off some of the stems.  I covered them up a couple of nights and also placed a bit of cat fur on a couple of stems.  For now they have been left alone.  I suspect the deer had been visiting and had the munchies.

We had another visitor at our back door.  We feed a stray cat in the back yard.  She hadn't finished her food and this little rascal decided it was for her.  Sorry for the quality of photo, but raccoons do only come out at dusk/night.  She wanted to run but decided it wasn't worth it to leave that good food, so she came back and took her chances with us.  The only problem is that raccoons like to also dig and that she did.

My purple carrots are also hanging in there.  I pulled one up and it was only about 1 1/2" and was still white so I replanted it.  I don't have any updated photos of those.

I hope I didn't bore you too much with this post.  I love seeing the plants, florals and wildlife from different parts of the country and the world so I thought maybe someone might be interested in what was happening in the Midwest of the USA.  I hope everything is well wherever you are!


Mosaic Magpie said...

Love the photos of your corner of the world. The hollyhocks are beautiful. I have had them in the past and all have died out. Had a beautiful black (actually dark purple) that was stunning. Please save me a seed or 2 from yours and maybe I can get them going again. They just scream English Country Garden to me.

Lorraine said...

A pleasure to see your part of the world.

margaret said...

how lovely to see your garden, those hollyhocks are lovely, I have one, put in last year but does not seem to be doing much this year, maybe in time!!!

Mandy Currie said...

Connie, you certainly didn't bore me, it's lovely to see the different areas of the world and nature around them. Thank you for a lovely post. Regards Mandy Currie